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In the past decade, Paleolithic, or Paleo, food has been normal. Starting with an unprotected treatment of Crohn's disease is one of the most common diet foods in the field. Still, many people are uncertain what the Paleo diet means. In this article, I will light up the light of all the Paleo objects. In these activities, we will help you to find out whether this is the right way for you to fit.

Original Paleo Poetry

In the 1970s, Dr. Walter L. Voegtlin began looking for a diet that was used to reduce Chron's symptoms. He believed that modern Western food was a major part of the problem and argued that it could be restored in the way our ancestors ate. He published his idea in 1975 The Stone Age Consumption. Then he tried the next delayed diet that he had in his patient, very good results.

Voegtlin's ideas were revived in 2002 when Loren Cordain wrote a book called The Paleo Diet. Cordain continued the idea of ​​recalling the various types of food called "ave-gatherer diet of our paleolithic forewears. These foods, according to Cordain, are more common in proteins and fats than in carbohydrates.

It was Cordain's book presented by the public and was a popular storm for the Paleo Diet in 2000. Paleo & # 39; Caveman Food & # 39; New Evolution Diet & # 39; Food & Beverage – all are the same.

When we talk about the Paleolithic history of human history, we have described the beginning of the two-and-a-half-million years ago and continued since the beginning of the agricultural season, which began in ten thousand years ago. This period is called seasonal farming. Humans eat what they can kill and get from plants. Their food was made up of such foods such as beef, fish, berries, peanuts, vegetables, green vegetables, and green vegetables.

From this base, the principle & Paleo comes out. There are four of the following:

  • Human genital herding is unprotected during the Paleolithic period. However, the nature of foods we can put in our bodies has changed. An unusual diet is accompanied by poisons that cause all health problems. Return to Paleo will clear your system.
  • Because the plants lost in the Paleolithic period increased in wildlife, they had a little sugar. As a result, the effect of insulin at a temperature is much lower than in modern foods. The balanced blood sugar levels will help you to get the best out of the body's fats and avoid energy accidents.
  • The food they tell us from our Paleolithic ours was cleaner than those in modern food. The reason is that the modern meat comes from the animals feeding the grain. However, Paleo diets should come from their meat lawns instead of grain. Wild game is the best choice for meat.
  • Western infectious and contagious diseases in the western region are a direct result of their nutritional and nutritional foods.

From these basic foundations the following guidelines are as follows:

  1. Before you go into your mouth, ask people to eat. If he / she was healed. If not, throw it in the trash.
  2. Find out where your food came from before coming to the store. In theory, meat will be a wildlife or green animal.
  3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, juice and leafy vegetables as you want. Avoid dried fruits and canned vegetables (canned food has no spices!)
  4. Avoid foods that are processed. You want the foods in the easiest and simplest way. The preservatives, flavors, and colors are not known at Paleolithic times, so do not come near.
  5. Salt is not a table – it's a cook after!
  6. You can cook. Yes, the terrorists were firing – but they did not have a hot oven or microwaves. Therefore, in a good raw material, you can cook a limited amount.

What kind of food you eat in Paleo??

1 Limitless & No

  • Meat – Meat is the main source of protein, so go to the quality. You want meat from meat from an animal that is eaten and allowed to move freely.
  • Fish – A balanced balance and even includes Omega fats. 3. Post fish and fish products regularly.
  • Ukuntu – The eggplant is nearest to the protein and you will use it freely. Post at different stages; The taste and quality are higher than the egg cartridge. If you can, buy your eggs from the local farmers market.
  • Vegetables – As proof that you avoid candies like potatoes, you can eat vegetables as much as you want. Best of all, you must grow up for yourself. Where you comply with your local agricultural market.
  • Fruit – You may be able to eat fruit in moderation. Observe, however, consisting of sugar sugar fructose fructose. Post diabetes such as blueberries.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Nuts and seedlings will give you an easy and affordable snack, and it is fantastic to wrap your luggage to get an easy snack.

2 Absence

There are specific types of paleolithic ancestors who are not sure they are used but have been identified as having a limited amount of limited use. Do not just count!

  • Coffee – The third most popular drink in the field makes it a good source of coffee beans, which is the creation of a coffee shop. However, studies show the various blessings of these products. It's best to eliminate & # 39; and normal. If you feel you can not start your day without your coffee, you are already a starter and you need to go to the cold turkey!
  • Chocolate – Wooden plants have many good things in the coconut pots used in chocolate. Just be aware that popular famous chocolate is dried with sugar and tastes. Choose from black chocolate made from high chocolate chips.
  • Dried fruits – Dry vegetables are suitable for curing. However, it can be high in sugar. With all the water gone, the sugar concentrations are much higher. For example, 150 acre snacks contain all sugar in each of the 150 grains of raisins.
  • Alcohol – Roughly, alcohol is a great club. The use has also been linked to the risk of heart disease death. It is also shown that occasionally the use of alcohol can improve the insulin sensitivity.
  • Sweet – You can use a natural customer like raw cheese, coconut milk, stevia, and black chocolate now and then expand your medications.

3 Stay away

Our bodies are not meant to suppress cooked cooked foods. The slowdown of your diet will appear harder first, but, after your body comes from them, you will feel remarkable.

  • Long – Our body is very hard to get the essential protein called gluten. As a result, we can develop tolerance and illness that makes us feel bad. When you remove gluten, you feel great. You will also lose weight, especially the most severe fats in your stomach.
  • Sugar – The sugar that has been cleansed is similar to that of the cats. The most important way to do this is to play your own insulin levels. Insulin is not just for producing fatty acids to save many fatty foods, but also prevents us from consuming fats stored in the energy. Diabetics are also built into the fear of drinking, as you already know.

Cut out all the fruit juices, soft drinks, cakes, sweets, and ice cream. Do not mind qaboojinaynin wild foods were: they sprinkled with sugar!

  • Milk – They do not make cheese and milk as they are used – even closing. As a result, they have now worked on more nutrition and nutrition than in previous generations. Taking your milk from your diet will increase your hair as well as your digestive system.
  • Margarin – Margarine is completely nutritional & nicely. It consists of a list of things that are not unique to the human body. Margarine is one of the parts of the same profile as paint! Do yourself and keep away the sharp spread of all costs.

Paleo Diet Pros

  • Fat has no water & no, it happens slowly and permanently
  • Cut off self-esteem by clear white balance
  • Green vegetables and green vegetables
  • Cholesterol enhances (muscle increase)
  • Leave empty calories
  • Low sugar
  • The higher Omega-3 Acid Fatty

Paleo Diet Cons

  • Controlling because stop all processed foods
  • Fruits and whole beans – lots of fiber and nutrients
  • No fruits were found
  • Depending on the meat, which is associated with heart disease (it is impossible to get such a sneaker as the caveman's days)
  • High cost
  • It is difficult to find sufficient calcium and vitamin D (remember residents also did not use balance)

Therefore, Paleo Right for You?

If anything above looks like something you would like to try, I'm sure you have to check what's been done about the food service. It is a very easy way to make sure you do not make any mistakes in Paleo and take the problem as you cook it yourself. There is a great destruction of the best services at, which I am very well sure to check before you apply.

You only know about your circumstances, goals, abilities, and preferences. It is up to you to provide information here and to limit your situation. Here are you to consider:

  • Your previous experience of food: What, if anything, have stirred you up? Do you have limited food? How were you embarrassed by stitches?
  • Personal Opportunities: Did you get the discipline and the organization to look at the storyline about the foods you buy? Are you too hard to cut all the food that is being processed?
  • Your budget: Can you be able to eat for a long time?
  • Lifestyle Lifestyle: Can you eat this food for the rest of your life?
  • Freshness, relaxation, and food: If you are turning to a child, you will not be able to save it there.

If you choose Paleo or another diet, it is important that your focus is on your body, rather than your weight. Paleo diet is a protein that will help you put the muscles (do not worry about women, the muscles are what your body provides for its shape). Now, your body's goals about fatty body reduction.

When making your choice of food, go ahead with the laser-like way. Throw yourself a new weight management machine without having a reservation. Try to keep yourself focused on the weight management plan that will bring you up with your goals. Your wait is waiting – go