Artificial intelligence + education is the general trend, how to deal with it?

In recent years, China’s education market has ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity driven by the escalation of consumer demand and favorable policies. Especially since the first half of this year, education has become a fast-growing and large-scale industry driven by technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence.

Under the promotion of the national will, the year of intelligent education was ushered in 2018. The deep integration of the Internet and education has greatly enhanced the efficiency of education and service innovation. The trend of intelligent education in all types of schools in the system has been strengthened. In the education and training industry, the dual-teacher classroom, Internet enrollment, and VR technology are promoting the tradition. Upgrade of educational and training institutions.

In 2018, the four ministries and commissions were fully promoted. Under the “new six” requirements, the number of training institutions will be greatly reduced, and the number of educational chain-led educational chain institutions will grow rapidly. Under this influence, a group of educational companies with curriculum resources and intelligent technology have quickly attacked the city in a double-teacher classroom, content output, evaluation output, teaching and research output, etc. The enrollment, information management and online home-school interactive services will also be greatly enhanced. The level of informationization and intelligence of education and training institutions will be greatly increased, and the future work pressure of principals will be greatly reduced.

In the summer of 2018, the training institutions in various places clearly showed that “the enrollment was advanced, the proportion of online enrollment and drainage increased, the standardization of teaching was improved, and the classroom and teaching of the double-teachers were visualized and the degree of intelligence was improved. More frequent, and online communication accounts for an absolute proportion.” All of this indicates that a revolution in technology, especially smart technology, is rebuilding the Chinese education industry.

 Artificial intelligence + education is the general trend, how to deal with it?

Artificial intelligence technology and school education become one A future trend, which provides technical support for the realization of personalized learning and individualized learning, and becomes an important driving force for the development of education. As a key task, “Intelligent Education” was written into the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” promulgated in 2017, which became an important part of artificial intelligence. The Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan also proposes to promote educational model change and ecological reconstruction supported by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things.

However, the current educational informatization faces problems such as teaching method innovation, educational resource balance, and teacher professional development. People expect a new generation of artificial intelligence technology to promote education equity and improve the quality of education to a greater extent. This paper aims to review the development history of artificial intelligence, analyze the dynamic sources of artificial intelligence progress, examine the characteristics and laws of artificial intelligence education application from the perspective of technology and education, and try to answer the potential of artificial intelligence to integrate into school education, possible challenges and main challenges. Research trends in order to promote a new generation of artificial intelligence to help the development of school education, and thus contribute to building an intelligent, networked, personalized, lifelong education system.

What are the practices of artificial intelligence in education? What should education be used to develop artificial intelligence? What impact will artificial intelligence have on educational content, educational methods, and educational models? How to deal with these challenges?

 Artificial intelligence + education is the general trend, how to deal with it?


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