As young small employers in Haysata control El Día de los Muertos in Dallas

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At the end of 2016, between jobs and a willingness to change, I returned to the Dominican Republic for several months. At my home in Santo Domingo every night, I watched her and other women and other family members of their family members cleaning their clothes, shaking their hair in the same Leia-style sleeping bag. She inherited the unhealthy childhood of this child, died in the early 90s, the longest pelo that was the hero of my family. (Ugh. I know. But even if it is not something, it is still.) I am jealous of the common commune of these small acts, which I have never witnessed in the city of New York: their bells have a history.

It is uncertain, we leave part of our lives when we emigrate – the more difficult traditions; Foods called & # 39; correct music & # 39; it is impossible to find. But Mexican-Americans (and Pixar) took Day Death and made a part of American culture as well. In many cities, especially those who live in Chicano, such as Houston and Los Angeles, places to celebrate the dead and beloved masters and mates are opposite the streets and shops early on November. 2.

Dallas, for example, is about a quarter of Hispanic and originally from Mexico, Maroches Bakery, in the Bishops neighborhood, is known as the Day of Death of the Dead.

Every year, Manuel Tellez, who worked for the shop for over 18 years, asked local artists to help, and even with wooden boards, paintings of heavy heads and lucha.

When I spoke to Tellez on phone, it was busy with tourist orders on the Day of Dead Death Day Pan, Pie chopped porridge and washed eggs and sugary pie. "We opened 1," he told a customer. "The boat is ready for 6."

Tellez insists that the process can be made in a standard way without using natural resources to accelerate the process. It is part of his efforts to maintain Mexican culture quickly. WAnd the shopkeeper appeared to laugh at it, Tellez said simply: "That's how you entered this place."

Tellez moved to the United States when he was 18, and although he did not celebrate his family on the Day of Death as he grew up, he was constantly accustomed to his habit. "Convertí la pastelería Tellez said, referring to its rice review as a cultural area where people talk about the arts or politics.

Tellez and Cindy Pedraza Puente, both owned by CocoAndré, Mexican coffee which creates sunglasses in the Day of Death of Dallas, said everyone in their community does not practice the culture fairly. Pedraza Puente said her mother was a Sunday school teacher and some of her other community – most of them the second and third generation of immigrants – it was difficult for them to agree on their Christian faith with the Day of Death. When the movie "The Book of Life" came out in 2014, Pedraza Puente said she found that many wanted to dress as a movie star, but she hopes to teach people the Day of Death "not the dress."

"This is a true tradition with the roots, and it means," she said. It is an honor to beat a party of hundreds of people.

Fred Villanueva, another of the Ashstudios court (called "black and black"), said he tried "to show great respect for Aztec and Mayan's petitions" through the altar created the Latino Culture Center, adding that part of his country was the arts itself.

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