AstraZeneca offices with disabilities created by the company & # 39; SpaceInvaders & # 39; to provide a unique and interesting place for employees

In a small English town called Macclesfield, creative design teams from a company named & # 39; SpaceInvaders & # 39; she recently completed a complete renovation of a new designer’s office to work as head of a company called AstraZeneca.

For a start, the design team and the company unanimously wanted to make sure that the entire planet was welcomed from an evolutionary perspective. They wanted to make sure the site needed productivity and respect in the workplace and needs, but also felt happy, welcoming, and comfortable enough for employees to really enjoy the time they spend there, allowing them to create. good job at the end.

By the time they reached the end of the project, the designers had in fact arrived! In fact, they found it successful that the office now serves as a guide for all other areas when it comes to design, decoration, and performance. This is often the case for head offices, of course, but this company & # 39; biopharmaceutical & # 39; it has found a new design that is unique to their needs and adapted to make them comfortable elsewhere.

Once conservative and intentionally "shaped" in his style and work, this workplace has undergone a complete change in both styles. and her mind, her culture, and the way she works. The position is now a lot of free flow, both for physical activity and communication. It is also very well equipped and very technical and has a lot of color and personality.

Perhaps the biggest changes to the space and decoration have taken place in the meeting rooms, which are now more open, more diverse, and less co-operative. The restrooms, on the other hand, have been strengthened and are busy trying to really provide employees with a strong mental and emotional rest so they can go back and feel truly relaxed and ready. One site even offers a foosball table!

Elsewhere in the office, there are many common workplaces for those who are better off in disciplined settings that need less quiet and less privacy. In addition to the group's workspace at the meeting, the center also has tables, as well as comfortable tents where customers can meet, meetings can be held, or breaks can even be taken.

In all of the spaces, coloring plays a checklist to fill the space no matter what section you are sitting in or how you use it. The main color scheme is medium and balanced white, lighting the ceiling with interesting lights that shape it. Gabalyaha furniture in the shape of modern ceramics bring posters, including their red, green, and blue mixture to add some size and interest.

Photos by Gareth Gardner