Avianca 787 Flight Management from LA to Bogotá

Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

When a long flight, comfort is very important. Avianca, a Columbia flight company as well as one of the world's largest international firms, launched the 787 Dreamliners business class a few years ago.

I knew what this means to try my last journey from LAX to Bogota. It's everything you want a long journey in the continent.

Here is my experience of Avianca 787 Business Class from LA to Bogotá!

Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

What to expect

Avianca is easy to use on websites that book your instant experience without worry. Even if you pay a lot of money in business class flight, some small comfort to the added worth.

It is one of the only airlines flying from Los Angeles to Bogatá that saves you a lot longer. Avianca is a member of the Star Alliance, do not forget to use these owners to beat some lights above the final price!

One of the biggest weights is that the LAX release Avianca passenger passengers to use Air Canada Maple Lounge. Here you will find cakes, coffee, couches and chairs, and many more comfortable while waiting for your flight.

If you are already on the airport, the airport stations are one of the best ways to kill time.

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Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá


As soon as you are on a plane, Avianca will beat you a lot. The first one is a beautiful candle to relax and settle down to get a longer flight.

There is also a pillow and a blanket to make sure you relax your visit to Bogota. If you are struggling to sleep, you can take care of yourself by pulling your legs into your private oven with all the Harry Potter films.

Each Avianca 787 business class is equipped with a 16-inch screen with great fun opportunities!

All visitors to the classroom also receive a Tuition kit and a boot bag. In the interior, you will find socks, eyelashes, posters, fractions, toothbrushes, toothbrushes, and cream.

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Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá


Avianca's 787 businesses have 28 seats in seven rows. The aircraft provides a 1-2-1 system that gives everyone access to communication equipment.

Setting equipment may not look great but, for long-term flights, you will need to raise your legs several times.

What I like is that the 787 business class is divided into shoes. During the seats, you will not have a passenger passenger, making it easier to fasten your seat.

Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

When you are gluing your legs, there are armrests where you can attach your drinks, snacks or other things you have. You will also find remote TV, light reading, handwriting, USB cable, and generic cable.

Possession of the ability to pay for your device when you are in the air is a life-saver!

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Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá

Food & Drink

The Avianca food and beverage service for passenger commerce is unique. Food is constantly changing, but you can expect a four-storey menu with cheesecake options (we highly recommend!), Poultry, poultry or ravioli.

Prepare your mouth with sweets!

If you get peckish during the 7-hour flight, you can grab cheese boxes and cheese, pouches or fractions. In drinks, there are many types of alcohol and white pink and pink.

You can contact Sibaris Chardonnay and Aliwen Sauvignon Blanc. Or if you prefer red, there are Aliwen Reseva Cabernet-Shiraz and Sibiris Reserva Caremenère.

If you can order soda, fresh juice, cappuccinos and coffee with Bailey!

90 minutes before you land, you will have the chance to eat again. This second dish is a leafy leaf that is often a fruity and a sandy box with cherry ice cream.

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Avianca Business School from LA to Bogotá


If you choose to fly avianca in 787 business, you will leave the feeling of a well-rested airline and ready to explore. The food is fantastic, the entertainment is full of fantasies, the TV series and the beds are comfortable.

I would highly recommend Avianca 787 business suites for anyone moving from America to South America!