Barcelona's president says the club has been hit the hardest

Josep Maria Bartomeu (Photo: Reuters)

Josep Maria Bartomeu (Photo: Reuters)

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu says no one expects the effects of coronavirus to be resolved next season.

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  • Last Updated: July 26, 2020, 3:49 PM IST

FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has said that people are mistaken if they think the coronavirus has no effect on the Catalan giants and that they are on the decline.

The transfer market in Barcelona has recently been about a lot of expensive deals and therefore & # 39; Espai Barca & # 39; In the Camp Nou redevelopment project, some are predicting difficult financial times for the club.

Our strategic plan was to earn € 1.1 billion ($ 1bn / $ 1.3bn) and now we will bring in 30 percent less because of Covid.

Bartomeu said: "I say this because if anyone thinks that a disaster is not affecting Barca, they are wrong. It is affecting the big clubs in Europe. Barca is the biggest club in Europe and it is the most influential." he told Bartomeu Mundo Deportivo.

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Bartomeu warned that the coronavirus would affect the club's business.

"We have seen the spread of the disease around the world and I said it will be a difficult summer with swap deals, and that is what is happening.

"As of March 14, we have not received the euro. We have lost 200 million euros ($ 182m / $ 233m). 200 million euros!

We have recovered a lot by reducing wages and using ERTE & # 39; (Temporary Employment of Temporary Employees, with the government paying 70 per cent of salaries).

We had to close the shops and the museum, there was no sale of tickets. We have refunded the cost of tickets for players who cannot attend. € 200m is a big blow.

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Bartomeu has made it clear that the problems related to the disaster will not be resolved next season.

He added "This spread will affect two or three seasons," he added.

"No one should think that things will be resolved next season.

However, Bartomeu has denied the club is financially involved.

He said.

We got a higher revenue level than the other big clubs but on March 14, everything stopped and we had to adapt to the new situation. Despite this defeat, we will continue to be a leader in revenue. not very high.

"Once the audit is completed in mid-August, Vice President of Finance Jordi Moix will explain and we will see that we are in normal debt levels."