Bear Grylls explores Fjords in Norway

After you take on skydiving and climbing the mountain Solo free star Alex Honnold in the Swiss Alps, in the next half Run wild is found by Bear Grylls traveling to the fjords in Norway to explore on local radio Bobby's bones. The new incident follows the two as they investigate one of the hundreds of places in Norway where the risk can occur at any time.

Starting a helicopter ride into the mountains, Grylls and Bones explore the fjord and everything they offer, including large stone houses, 300-foot waterfalls, dangerous dams, and rivers with strong currents. and destroy cars & # 39; s. .

Before the season, Grylls said Men's Magazine that his journey to this event was one of his favorites. "For all the trips this season, I particularly enjoyed this one," Grylls said. Bobby's bones are just human and we have developed a great relationship. He is a cool guy, and while we were very wet and very comfortable traveling to Norway, he always kept things going and did not want to give up. It was a true experience. ”

While fascinating and dangerous as waterfalls and rocky houses were, one of the deadliest places for couples to have been examined was the bones on the fjord. Both were filled with deep mud areas, meaning that both of them had to go through the area carefully.

"It looks wet," Bones said in this special clip below. "In some places people don't have to walk, but this is not the case here. I am afraid of how deep it is. ”

"In between each of the smaller earthquakes is drowning," Grylls pointed out. "When I want to make some posters of our lake."

Here is a special look at the theater from both parts of the jump:

Here is a special photo from the Grylls and Bones Norway section:

Månafossen, Norway - (L to R) Bear Grylls and Bobby Bones Opened in a National Fireplace THE FIRST DAY OF BEAR GRYLLS. (Photo credit: National Geographic / Ben Simms)
Bear Grylls and Bobby's Bones started with a fire in Månafossen, Norfolk National Geographic & # 39; s GANTA MAKES BEAR GRYLLS. National Geographic / Ben Simms

Here are some more images from the section:

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