Beautiful Decor-Gardener 192 by JiA

Located in Altos del Maria, Panama, Cabin 192 is a JiA holiday resort that feels outside of alert angle based on rest and return to your own!

During the design process, the dummies prioritize the idea of ​​creating a comfortable environment for all. The 192 Equipment is a family-run family project for a long time. This project consists of three smaller sizes for confidentiality and a large community of community dialogue.

Perhaps the most important detail of the project is that the lead leader actually generates the whole place for himself and his parents and his two siblings (along with their families). He did not want to make the project comfortable or transparent, but it's a place to meet his family with a quality time. He was hoping to create a simple, cost-effective way to create a wonderful, joyful, and high quality of course that would of course be the most loved ones.

Cabins were built in a beautiful place in the western Panama. When visiting the building for the first time, the designers discovered a large number of seedlings, which are not other species of the state. They go to & # 39; & # 39; s proposed to clean and reposition their new villa species of poultry that will produce household waste as well as plant natural herbaceous natural herbs. The goal here is the sustainability and comfort of the environment.

Instead of simply installing trees, the designers have chosen to keep green and flowing objects in their fireplace with the construction itself. The tree of trees was used to build a circle around the area as well as great fear.

The shoes are quite unusual. Each of the three small ones includes one toilet, bedroom, and a kitchen. The purpose of this is to give each guest a place of their own as well as encourage them to spend time outside of the house or at home.

When selecting the structure of the structure, designers felt things like charcoal buildings. Cabinets increase the natural levels of natural surroundings such as the Panama resort of all. This will help traffic jams out of jungle areas, allowing them to feel cool and comfortable.

Cabin 192 seems to have its own personal touch and sense of convenience, peace, and security. This is possible because the father-in-chief, siblings, and real friends helped with the completion of the building! Access to this building is clear and it can be felt all over.

Pictures: Alfredo Martiz