Beautiful Turkish Homes & # 39; Acorn Falls Cottage & # 39; and the mountains were built by Ballard Design

If you've ever been in a space that blends with vintage, beautiful, stylish, weatured, and colorful coloring, then it's totally recent at Acorn Falls Cottage at Ballard Design.

Located in Highlands, North Carolina, this mountain house is nicely woven into a color that follows the changes of modern decor while at the same time damaging natural beauty and beauty to fit around the wild plants the designers have entered comfortably.

Originally built in the early 1900s, the basement has long been a historic holiday destination, with numerous families rented for years to enjoy the mountain air and enjoy a relaxing escape. while still staying close to the city in the high mountains for easy access. and not go & # 39;

Missy Woolf, a designer legend of popular renewal properties, that it & # 39; is responsible for some upgrades, but still doubtful with & # 39; I have become the face of a beautiful and decorations consisting of units the new light-emitted. Its purpose was to preserve as much of its original attraction as possible while still giving it a modern-looking feel and perhaps even a luxurious, earthy style.

The mixed atmosphere was achieved in part by the combination of materials choices between the high end and the designer to the interior art galleries naturally. Local art is also a big part of home renovation, which gives it new charm and character while still adhering to its rightful place on the hill.

Besides these design choices, the object of a new home renovation that is perhaps the most important is how the space now plays in color, especially turquoise. Besides being very sophisticated in fashion and design right now, turquoise is an attractive color for calm, happy, and tolerant behavior. The particular shadows you see in these photos, however, arouse the same sensation but fit the landscape without seeming too loud and over all natural wood and stone.

To add so much use of turquoise in the house to a very good look at just getting outside and several pieces of paint carry the burden of eye catching alone, we appreciate the way the designer chose to balance the color with another fun, colorful dress. with and contributes to the feeling of ownership of pop where there is no natural wood and white.

The door, with a complete failure structure in the branches, was built into a warm but warm and comfortable space. Household still has the original form, which is a bit more open culture's ideas you see normally are always depending on areas of open space, so making a good, hard external looga sit down and fight the homes of the house feeling shut down. its beautiful surroundings.

White and turkey are following you all over the house, from the swinging chairs to the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom and the bedrooms. Instead of using it exactly the same poultry as you see in the house which is beautifully decayed, however, and you will see that some of the pieces appear in deep shadows of color, close to the bottom. This is due to the beauty and makes it feel vibrant.

The accompanying kitchen and dining room may be the home unit that offers the most delicious and modern flavors. All of the essentials and amenities are modern and bright, but the use of reclaimed local wood is still heavy in many major features, such as the island and the high-end table, retaining that beautiful feel. feels essential to a mountain house.

Of course, the kitchen is not just A place to boast amazing & # 39; nipple scenes built with natural materials. We are also apprehensive about how we respect the fireplace style in the central living room that looks like it was brought together in the same house, stone walls. In winter, this becomes one of the best places to meet loved ones.

Of course, outside of the apartment is a wonderful place to enjoy it as well, beyond the surface and overlooking the porch! The designers also incorporated a wood-burning fireplace in the grass, with a safe place to relax in large wooden chairs while the dancers and children dined on marshmallows.

Photos by Sara Ingram