Bengaluru has the full list of Indian champions

Kochi: The Bengaluru FC have the winning winner against Kerala Blasters FC who won the Indian Super League with a 2-1 win over Kochi on Monday.

Captain Sunil Chhetri opened the scoring in the 17th minute, completing the ball with Naveen Kumar. Kerala equalized in the 30th minute, but Nikolay Krcmarevic's nervy nervy minutes came in the 80th minute.

That victory means that Bengaluru FC have now won all three of their home games to maintain a record high. They have also won all three games against the Kerala Blasters at ISL so far.
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The home side took the lead in the last minute, C K Vineeth equalized Karansadathkuni from the right. The striker hit the right-hand box, but he sent his coaches effort.
Erik Paartalu scored the winner in the second half. Three minutes from the end of the second half gave Dimecado Delgado the lead, giving Sandesh Jhingan the lead.

The Blues took the lead in the 17th minute. Miku saved a good shot from the defender Kerala and allowed Chechet to get into the competition and hit the ball in the net.

Kerala Blasters have returned to the race for half an hour. Sahal Samad scored the equalizer for Cyril Kali, but was thrown into the box by Nishu Kumar before returning to the ball. The referee had the equalizer, and Stojanovic netted the equalizer.

The home side, equaling the equalizer, could lead the lead in the first half. Nikola Krcmarevic scored the equalizer for Chasthan's opponents and defended the right-back Doungel.

In the first half, Erik Paartalu slotted a ball over Kerala defender. Harmanjot Khabra gave Chhetri the lead, who stood up for Miku, but his effort in Venezuela was too big.

Another tall moment came to the pitch, and now goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh allowed Miku to hide in the former Lakic-Pesic box. Venezuelan got through Singh's midfield, but the winning goal of the left wing hit the ball and struck Naveen.

In the final minute, Vineeth again threatened when he hit the fire after he hit the ball in Prasanth.

Bengaluru breaks the heart of Kerala nine minutes to go. Xinco's star hit the box and made his last return for the Spanish giants. Naveen saved Krcmarevic's substitute penalty before crossing the net.

Kerala made it easy for any opportunity to write after they started not getting started in the next season.

| Edited by: Suyash Upadhyaya