Best Brooklyn Restaurants – Best Brooklyn Attractions in every Speech

Many people might think Manhattan is in the New York area of ​​food, but Brooklyn's diversity has increased the NYC animal's food. An independent restaurant, fishing youth growing, and everything about all the meals, Brooklyn is a good breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

All about them Brooklyn Restaurants, however, are always new! This is not a list of all & # 39; but on the list of my favorite restaurants – I have come back several times.

Best Brooklyn Restaurants Restaurants - Tips on where to eat Brooklyn in every meal

It's hard to make the Brooklyn cuisine better "because there are so many people! If you are looking for a lot of tips on Brooklyn's foodie and that time-make sure you come with Instagram @travelsofadam.

Food & Funky Food in Brooklyn
for each meal

Habana Outbost - Cuban Restaurant in Brooklyn
Cuban Sandwich Habana Outpost

Habana Outbost

At Fort Greene, Habana Outbost they were encouraged by a Mexico City champion where Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were accused of conspiracy to overthrow Cuban rule. The restaurant is located outside of the street, and an open space as well as a wide range of extensive side-by-side. Including the Mexico and Cuban rooms, it is a modern restaurant. Habana Outpost also serves as a social organization for families, art, and toddlers with special events in their dreams.

Gumbo Bros Restaurant
Po & boys & Gumbo at Gumbo Bros

Gumbo Bros

Cobble Hill, Gumbo Bros It has two college friends grown in the south, and the cafeteria feels comfortable and enjoyable. With such classic classic Orleans gumbo and Po boys on the menu, and the amazing selection of desserts – is a good place for lunch or dinner.

Calexico Brooklyn Restaurant


Located in Greenpoint, the famous Mexican restaurant Calcium It serves as a class of Mexican classes (eg fishery), but the true crop comes with a new basic diet. The leafy pie with a sour-chile is particularly unique. For those in the budget, make sure you visit the Californian Clock with excellent deals with margaritas (including one of the glaciers).

Dominican Restaurant - Brooklyn places to eat
Lunch at Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

This recipe is made up of Dominican foods Prospect Heights is found in Dominican foods (with a delicious dinner). Name after city from Dominican Republic, interior decorating Puerto Viejo he looks and feels like you are in the Caribbean. Food is tasteful and the house is cooked in the family business. It is a friendly local restaurant with beautiful drinks and a full range of delicacies.

Vanessa's house is Dumpling
It may seem unconscious, but the food is infused!

Vanessa's house is Dumpling

Although the NYC is located in the cafeteria restaurant (originally from NYC Chinatown) they have a few small towns in Bedford Ave. the Williamsburg site is a popular and very modern and very popular place to eat. Vanessa's house is Dumpling specializing in Chinese food such as hand, milk, chili and sesame. It's an expensive and expensive choice-a snack or snack!

Brooklyn Bushwick Restaurant
Canadian beauty in Brooklyn-poutine!


In Bushwick on WycoffAve, UpNorth is a Canadian restaurant and a restaurant. With the roof top and Canadian maplewood, you can feel like styled near the rich, rich you can find in the north. The predictable baby appears in milk dishes (cafes are from Quebec, where milk is starting from), but their choice is unique and unique – and even vegan stools in the menu. Some artists from the United States and Canada, as well as cocktails and experience makes for a great date or time of recording.

We're <3 ramen and this is one of the best places in Brooklyn!


The famous Japanese restaurant in Japan is actually in three locations in NYC, but ICHIRANBrooklyn Restaurants are located in East Williamsburg around Bushwick. Familiar with the soup of tonkotsu made from 100% of the bones, it is sweet. However, the most famous themes, is the fact that they have internal boots. ICHIRAN 's small lunch room allows you to block anything that is missing in a busy restaurant to enjoy the rice apple.

Brooklyn's heat storm
Fresh chicken box for brunch Sunday in the Bed-Stuy five

In the south
Heavy heat

Heavy heat is a US restaurant that has a stake in the southern food industry. It is located on the Bed-Stuy of Brooklyn brownstones, popular picnic places anywhere with chicken and cook dishes, to shy up the spirits and even ice as sweets of meat and mac & cheese .

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pizza sottocasa på brooklyn
Pizza or Neapolitan in Avi Ave. Sottocsa restaurant in Italy

Pizza is Italian

With restaurants in Brooklyn and Harlem, Sottocasa It serves a pizza-style style pizza in the rustic environment. Brooklyn is located in the village building base, and you really want to find it in Italy: Friendly & delicious food, beautifully designed and prepared for the Neapolitan made from a fireplace oven from Napels. Even Sottocasa's flour and tomatoes come from Italy.

flamingo vegan ice & a brooklyn restaurant
Vegan cats are amazing, but also margaritas!

Black Flamingo

Williamsburg education, Black Flamingo It's unique that they are a full-Mexican restaurant that is well-kept – a nightclub, too. Especially Taco Tali are particularly excited but make sure you try out something outside of the course. Restaurants in Texas, quail, burrito, quesadillas, and of course margaritas are the same.

The Rookery - the British style style Brooklyn
Foods and drinks are good at Rookery


Brooklyn's modern baby is located in an open space with a horse bag, Rookery what kind of thing you will feel … comfort (and you want to stay for hours). Rice serves cocktails of modern (and great mugs for the British breakfast, they also have mashed grapes.

Seawolf Restaurants in Brooklyn
Yes, that is a sturdy rock called Sea Wold


Wycoff Ave, SeaThe corner and a large restaurant makes Bushwick a favorite. Often the restaurant of the sea food (with loud noise), Sea Wolf reduces all kinds of both the chicken and roasted cake and the fried cucumber and coatings. New ingredients and seasonal seasons are beautifully evaluated once again. (Frozen cake also helps, too.)

Franklin Delicatessen - Jewish Jew at Brooklyn Greenpoint
Hold the Jew on Hippster Greenpoint

Frankel & Delicatessen & Appetizing

The Greenpoint restaurant sells all the most popular Jewish foods – from the fish that are eaten in the fish called "brisket pastrami & rye sandwiches". As the core, they also have a small diet of Jewish food. Frankel 's Delicatessen it is designed to be modern, casual, and decorative (and many interior windows) and their names have been shaken by a cold outside oven. It's a local tech site that is some of the best in the area.

Taiwanese Win Win Restaurants
Taiwanese (& Beer) Brooklyn Quality Food

Still a boy

Taiwan-American restaurant in East Williamsburg, Win Son just open during dinner and weekend breaks. Foods usually serve the main types of food from Taiwan such as candy lettuce, chicken flakes, soup and salads. Bribery is rich and powerful; The restaurant has succeeded to capture the taste of the island as possible as possible.

Middle East
Falafel's Queen

In Bushwick in the corner of the House of Hope, Falafel's Queen it serves the flavor of rice and black foods with new ingredients. This example includes the right dishes of Israel as the poor, the shameful, the cruel, the ugly and the ugly and the shawarma. The café on the table is famous for lunch and dinner, but there are plenty of seats available in the interior or in the inside box.

Williamsburg Crifts
In the animal

Hot Dogs
Arabic animals

With their stores in St. Thomas Mark's Place in Manhattan, Arabic animals He also has a parking space at the Brooklyn Bridge in Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg. The punk restaurant serves hot dogs with a variety of sequences – from a milk cheese called & # 39; bacon-wrapped & # 39; but & # 39; New York classic & # 39; Products, potatoes, gutters, and lettuce are moving around the menu. Select decoration in a cool, cool place after completing your dog.

Peter Luger Steakhouse
One of the best meat you'll ever have …

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Guide to Brooklyn Restaurants is done without talking to Peter Luger Steakhouse. In the city of Williamsburg, the famously café and bar restaurant has been working since 1887. In the history of the disabled, the restaurant was constantly taken down between the best in the world and is still working with a family. Suits such as popular famous tomatoes and onion dish (served with meat sauce) and classics such as baked potatoes to watch your USDA deposit.

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There are no restaurants in Brooklyn where they are recommended and even eating regularly, this is a small part of the areas I like to eat in the area. Make sure you continue on Instagram so much in Brooklyn – including cafés, restaurants, bars, and many more.

Best Brooklyn Restaurants Restaurants - Tips on where to eat Brooklyn in every meal