Best computer services for any type of person

"Let me buy a weekend to renew my bail," said many, ever. It is unlikely that you have to put yourself in an important meeting or a friendly event and suddenly find out if your views are more than just a cell phone. Sure, you can look for the store to save important parts of your body and postpone your review of the day-but to see, we have not had much of the time. This is a web site configuration and client service. Here, we can compare some of the popular services to reduce what works in your situation.

A friend

If you saw paparazzi animal stars leaving General Foods looking at what Mr Porter's list is, you know what skills professional can do for you. But who can? Megan Collins, the founder of the founder of The Style Girlfriend, is now offering a service that works as a personal structure – without cost. Just fill in a questionnaire about your style and your needs, and then talk a single Skype chat with a personalized shop that is dedicated to shaping your file with your budget, type of body, your designs, and more. many. From there, you will receive a list of purchased items with items from the web site you selected especially for you (a valuable value, based on your response). Your personal stores will dry out ideas ideas and provide tips and suggestions on how to close new components with the items you already have.

TIMING: Only as requested.

DIGNIIN: There are two home-based rent options (not included). Wardrobe Cars is $ 79 and you get four to six units. It is an appropriate event for a particular event, such as a party or interview. Recovery Wardrobe is $ 199 and is for additional renewal: Includes 12-15 pieces & # 39; Prices include one round of review.

SHIPPING: Prices are depending on where you are applying your clothing.

PROS: Since your personal machine is exposed to all the Internet, the different types of these types are uncomfortable and the dress opportunities that they display may be reduced or cleaned. There is no board, so you do not have to buy items if you do not like it. Structural advice is also valuable.

CONS: It is you who are attracted to the stimulant and the sale of clothing (which may be good or bad, depending on your personality). The cost of the configuration is not included in the dress.

Identity: Guys who need advice and someone who works on the redevelopment of unfamiliar opportunities.

Six rounds

This hot continuation of the San Francisco Station began at the Department of Men's Office in 2016 and offers a variety of clothing, from the practical tools to put on meetings. Complete online details and Stitch Fix 's human samples and AI algorithms will analyze your ideas to create a five-box box and send it to your home. The company recently expanded its grants to include 100 full and 800 integrated circles, which is a good news for non-average people with a 32-inch range. Different options are the 3XL highlights and pants from 28 x 28 to 48 x 36. Other recent features include shoes, tools (anything from hats to contact), and Extras, the basic basic collection that we all need but they hate to sell in the store: clothes, bottoms and socks. Also, the company has started offering Stitch Fix children, so you can take away the pain from your children too.

TIMING: Get a claim, every two weeks, every month, or the registration process in the two or three months. You have three days to protect or restore your belongings.


DIGNIIN: Clothing begins with $ 28 and goes up to $ 450 for assigned parts, but the limit you get is based on your response. The value of $ 20 is applied to the purchase and you will get a 25% discount if you put everything in your box.

PROS: If you have problems getting the right clothes, this is your service. Stitch Fix offers a variety of options for each segment for each player. Domestic production specially designed for Stitch Fix is ​​flexible, and the company also regularly improves and serves based on a customer response.

CONS: It can take a small strip for stylist and AI to define your shape, and the preliminary choice means less detrimental to your judgment. I can not sell clothes. The three-day window may feel like a limited time, although they will work with you if you need more time.

Identity: Anyone who has difficulty getting access to the clothing is best. Stitch Fix measurement and styles is a special and budget budget is very high.

Group Meeting

OG's original boxes, Trunk Club started in 2009 and offers two ways to help you buy. You can do it individually at Clubhouse (there are Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and New York) or go to the internet. The first person is involved with the shop in the basket, the nature, and the cost you prefer. In this feature you can try everything you go out and go to the clothing that day. If you are not in one of six cities or you can not go to Clubhouse, you can talk to a stylist on the phone or using an emergency chat and fill out an online website with your estimation, style, and budget. Then your structure will write about six to ten parts and send an email. Accept or reject Option and Transportation will be mailed to you for one week. They also provide men's cultural services in their club, where you can get an estimate and choose which clothes and patterns you want.

TIMING: You have 48 hours to approve or change your mileage. The repairs should be made within five days of receiving your goods. Perform months or months of birth, or work with your stylist to come up with another calendar.

DIGNIIN: The value of money called & # 39; $ 25 & # 39; it will be charged even if you do not have any delivery. If you go to & # 39; say you have at least one item, $ 25 will be counted for everything you have.


PROS: Payment includes titles and titles to help you improve the opportunities you will get.

CONS: Internal choices are limited to the size of 34, but Trunk Club promotes trawl and performance in Clubhouses and Nordstrom. Six to ten may be many for guys.

Identity: Guys who are looking for a famous brand that does not mind them, and those who like to make changes to the shopping and selection of store items.

Frank + Oak Style Plan

This kind of Canadian-style mixes the style with perseverance. The company is considering the products used for the clothing, and provides a polished product made of polyester and then used, as well as useful ingredients. The guide seeks local companies such as Petites-Mains, who support women who do not have them, and also sells part of the Equity Sales Act. Customers, the system design method is straightforward in the company structure: Honor and Frank & Oak stylists each month will choose up to three modes of change, including everything from the washing machine to the clothes machine laundry and oxford towels with clean clothes and hard boots. You have 72 hours to approve their choices and add or delete items when you look at your box.

TIMING: You have seven days to protect or return the goods. Now, only a month, but members can choose to skip a month. Frank + Oak thinks about future repairs.

DIGNIIN: The goods are between $ 29 and $ 149. Price & stylists & # 39; it is $ 25, which applies to the products you choose to keep.


PROS: Short-sighted costume is really accessible, limited number of unnecessary boxes that will not be necessary.

CONS: The system does not seem to be involved in the structure of other types, but reducing and reproducing your birth will help eliminate absences.

Identity: Environmental environment and proper conduct that does not require major short-term renovation-just clean and clean every month.


If you go to Bombfell, be prepared to talk about yourself. Founded in 2011, New York's operator will ask details of the previous articles, such as the different types of skin and colors, as well as the name of your favorite and the hate, as well as the style of the style and the issues you would like to focus on. It is a highly structured service that customers can request from anywhere between one to five feet instead of mandatory numbers. Using the AI ​​and the use of disabled people, Bombfell focuses on the usual standard products (anything from the tile and purge lenses) and sends pre-emails before you will pay for them to know what expected The contest has recently been shared with JCPenney and targeted Big & Tall for men, and therefore it is a great marriage. They also offer free hourly consultations with a designer from New York's central office.

TIMING: Choose to buy every month, two months, three months, or apply. The repairs must be made within seven days of receiving your order.

DIGNIIN: The average price of the unit is $ 89, and there is a $ 20 styling cost with every order. The more you keep it, the greater the cost of the discount: Connecting up to four or more items of one-piece shipment means 20 per cent of the cost. If you have 3 items, you will get 15%. If you have 2 things, you will get 10%.


PROS: Bombfell is one of the many well-known and well-known and well known. With the new partnership with JC Penney, the bigger man will have additional opportunities.

CONS: The limited number is limited to young men and young people.

Identity: Guys who want the highest flexibility to choose a few different things depending on a number of different types of delivery.