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In the summer of the European garment girl

I started my summer journey through a trip to Ireland, telling you: it's green when they all say it! From the coastal paths to the broader roads with green grass so far as it can be seen, Ireland is easy to see.

But Ireland is the first summer of Europe! I will continue in Italy and Greece to explore all the beautiful beauty (I can guarantee you: eating alllll foodstuffs).

We are pleased that the building is adequate for all areas of the interior – which should be best suited to the museums, through paths, or exploring beaches. It's really good in the summer anywhere Europe.

During the summer you call a new call, right? Backcountry has received me back 😉

Backcountry has all the high quality heat, clothes, swimming and summer trips. We need summer summer. I like to find the most popular types like Beyond Yoga and Alo Yoga, along with my favorite types of life like Herschel, Free People, L * SPACE, and more.

If you are looking for new summer trips or planning your next holiday abroad, check the choice of life and clothing products.

Oh, and when you use it code & # 39; KIKI15 & # 39; you will get 15% of your order on the Backcountry!

Every trip to Europe travels to beauty (it's luxurious), so here is my go!

Is not the most beautiful animal?

Good summer shoes

Additional School Shopping!

Where are you from the summer? Oh, I'd miss if I did not say this: Repatriation partners Natural nature to support its purpose of protecting ours and the land. When you pay, you can add this. That's something I can get back. 🙂

I'm convinced you have to go out, explore and find beautiful places in the world. I would like to hear about your comments in the comments below!

This project is written in collaboration with the Backcountry. As always, the ideas and the "here" shown here are completely!