Best Maintenance, Returns, and Foreign Security Policies

Reduce, reuse, reuse: These preservation principles definitely apply to outdoor equipment, too. For all the money we spend on our equipment, it doesn't make any financial (or environmental) sense to replace it at any time.

That is why we can keep up with the repair / return policies of some of our favorite products and retail. This team is leading the charge when it comes to making an impact. Instead of focusing on the product and focusing on the bottom line, instead they focus on sustainability, and building customer loyalty.

In fact, the picture of a good sale or deal is strong, but even more powerful is knowing by fixing it (or even sending your device to someone else to close it) and eventually destroying & # 39;

Here are some of our favorite improvements, returns and warranty policies in the outdoors.


The REI Retirement System guarantees 100% satisfaction – if you buy a non-deductible item, you can return it with a replacement or a full refund within a year of the purchase. One cautionary note: This does not apply elektironigga abroad, and must be returned within 90 days.


KeEN offers a one-year warranty against product and product defects. Additionally, if you are simply not happy with your shoes, the brand will allow customers to return the product within 30 days of purchase.


According to their website, the & # 39; Worn Wear & # 39; in Patagonia "will keep your equipment for a long time through repairs and recycling, and will recycle your clothes as they become older." Customers can trade their equipment & # 39; Patagonia & # 39 ;, by removing clothing waste, and earn points for new or used purchases.

The North Face

North Face Renewed new program aims to stop the closure of the disposal of his clothing loop, for giving and sharing, re-sale, maintenance and recycling clothes looga to meet the cast. This version offers their Repair program, which takes the mantle, "if it's already worn, returned, damaged or defective, it's inspected, washed and adapted for your next costs."


Osprey & # 39; s All Mighty Guarantee says Osprey will fix any defects or damage to the product, regardless of when it was purchased. If that was ten years ago or last week, the brand says that if they are unable to provide product improvements, they will change.

External Research

External Inspection calls their program a warranty warranty – it covers all defects in the product, function, or product lifecycle of the product. However, this does not apply to normal wear and tear, natural weather, or products used outside of their intended use.

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