Best Modern Technology Project with Modern Technology

This project was carried out by construction company "Amalgam Studio", located in the famous city of New York, underlining its leaders Ben Albury, Lucas Leja, Vi Huynh and Nikki Drewett. Located on the 120 shelter houses located near the Rhinebeck town, the Hudson Valley valley and the art of Columbia, the United States. It has a 5000 ft2 area and is fitted with a modern glass, a stone house and a 465 m² wood, with four bedrooms.

Watch for distance distance
Barn wall of wood
Terrace wood
Modern kitchen modern smartphone

Family family celebrates the traditional seasonal change, designed to use all natural light The best positioning is covered by tubes from the longest. Its delicacy and centralized lattice split into the house between the public and private sleeping areas. Private spaces have a variety of controlling concepts in remote mountains, rivers, trees and vegetation. Life spaces use the glass behind the mirror in the mirror to provide a wide range of concepts of 180 degrees. On the floor of the floor there are lively, white and white, with the style of football spreading to the stars. Short, it's a home to light.

Dinner Restaurant
Modern kitchen room
Wooden diet room
Wooden diet room
Large rooms with wood floors
Room with wooden walls and ceilings
Bicycle with light