Best popular restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

This tasty restaurant, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is not considered a place of beauty in the interior, but the general experience of art, architecture, food and people. As its base comes out of the sky, the Captain holds the time between the beginning and end, between space and time, the creation of a particular social community. The stairs become the position of space, allowing guests to expand their own understanding of building materials that bring new experiences.

Terrace with fantastic dreams in the city
Inside the wall of the wall

The Stu / D / O building company is responsible for keeping its staff members Apichart Srirojanapinyo, Chanasit Cholasuek, Park Lertchanyakul and Thanipath Thanawuttimanas to implement, in 2017, the project, which is about 250 meters.

The endless ports provide visitors to the holiday destination; making it an endless place and allowing a "space" fate. The steering characteristic of the stairs directly adjusts the atmosphere of the cafeteria from day to night.

Bar Area
The modern and ordinary table
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Usually, the stairs are used to connect the different stages, the stairs in this case will be interdependent. In all areas, the stairs allow any activities and activities to run without dividing them. Providing a functional design of designs, NOWHERE is a nutritional and psychological experience.

A smooth pattern with stairs
Details of stairs
The vision in the middle of the night