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Is there something worse than a gym and know your earphones your home at home? Music is an important part of training and good cause. It will help us to cross the wall of the wall for a long time, after the last rest of the HIIT session, and to carry a large scale to reach PR.

Science describes it. Music keeps mentally minded, knowing how to say it can be a hard work with a discomfort. Interpreter: Serious, More & More;

Sure, you can throw some of Kendrick Lamar in balance. Nothing wrong. But we have taken extra steps. Below, you will learn how to use the right music and feeds to feed each other, and how to customize your reps with the most commonly used method of impact.

Audiology: This is your brain brain

Talk about music power. Put a MRI machine, a Zeppelin tube, and look at their brain. "There is encouragement from the sound, the emotional response of stories, even remembering that you are taking it," said Jessica Grahn, who oversees the music studio at the University of Western Ontario.

When it comes to working, music can put us to a touch and distract us from pain. To study International Psychological Magazine he found that some of the musical messages were among the messages between the muscles and the brain. Your head will not get, "I'm tired, down!" Warnings from the muscles or lungs, and you are aware of fatigue.

And to tell the true meaning, music makes learning fun. "It stimulates the behaviors, attentive attention, and provides good incentives during difficult training," said Costas Karageorghis researcher at Brunel University and the author Apply for exercise and games.

This push is especially effective when you leave, such as a bike or inner interior. To study Physical & Physical Science and Sports they found that when people made medium-sized music without music and music, they performed well on music.

These sensory thoughts can also be provided in terms of power and comfort. "When it starts to get tired, you have to go, mind, push it or not," said Radan Sturm, founder of Liftonic, a New York designer. "Music can help you stay."

That is when the development progresses. It should not be said that you can not reach the goals of the gymnasium in silence. But it's a lot of fun to get the softness, and your music changes can give you a realistic and realistic life experience.

Consider the table below, made by Sturm. You thought that these migrated to millions of times. But by beating, playing with the way (the limitations you use to lift or lower the weight), you should be careful about your muscles differently. Controlled materials, heavyweight, and reps make unlimited opportunities.

We have created up to four stories to cover your music taste for the attraction. All songs are about 120 to 140 seconds per minute, the exact weight of the life weight. So invest in two well-known tapes (yes, we have a few ideas for others), who are ready to work.

To make it easy for Cardio, look for the Beatles

Moving music into music really makes your body active. Studies U.K., a group of local bicycles were told to leave a constant speed by listening to different types of BPM. When BPM poems are connected to the legs, players need 7 percent small oxygen to complete the distance.

Running is especially important when you want to keep speeding or improving your distribution. The new Weav Run program is a new way to do it. Created by Google Maps and his wife, the program is based on your evidence by directly raising or lowering BPM poems to follow your mirror, or you can do BPM (usually faster than you used) until you beat. The program sings songs in real time, using algorithms that are specifically assigned to each poem. This means Run-DMC's "lucky" (128 BPM) that looks like 180 BPM (a certificate required to last seven miles). The best part: Most consumers do not even know they are working and going faster. It is $ 8 a month.

The biggest list is Play & Hip-Hop Workout

Silence in the music

Do you hear music making you jump from your seat and move on? You are not alone. Your brain-related activity will shine when listening to music even if you are still completely. It proves that there is a musical connection that is properly connected to the movement. When you are confusing to go out or get up, throw it in high-profile BPMs (like Tom Petty & Heartbreakers & # 39; Run Down # 132 BPM), which will help you to from the door open

The Playlist list is Needed

The term phrase explains the body's body in order to implement its diagrams and heart rate, mental brain structures, etc. Therefore, to recover the entire product (repeat sprint, HIIT training, quick swimming) sooner, studies suggest that you put a piece of paper up to the end of your sporting list, falling from 80 up to 90 BPM (like "Velvet Underground" in "blue eyes"), falls to 60 BPM (Joni Mitchell's "River").

Playstation of the Technical / Manifestation List

The best music song "Music Music"


There are 2 units, five each to move. Re-retest, or as a nurse along with the heart. Watch for 8 to 12 performances, with 3 full kits.


Each motion will see up and down. This will tell you how to knock the ball in weight. Changes in the shape of the elevator shape the muscles in different ways. You can also keep it simple with 2 bars, 2 beneath.


Take a bedchairs and 4 small shorts, 2 heavyweight, two lighter. Every activity states that. Use the same number in both circles, and treat them as active warmup. In the light, work up to 15 pounds, and 30 to 40 pounds for heavy loads.

Chargers, shoulders, and strike

Chest Press sign
Justin Steele

1. Single chestnuts

Wear face mask, ground feet, heavy arms. Tap both to start. Protect the belt from the left hand, raise the right arm right on the right arm. All the knees on the right side, then change the sides. Grab the upper arm 1 beat, slide it slowly down 3 pounds.

Lying Kickbacks
Justin Steele

2. Kickbacks to lie

Take the exercise down the chair, straight legs, every soft hand. Put the strap on the chest and pull it from the knee to attach it to the thighs. Weighing the weight is really real, and then go back to 1 billion. Weigh 2 pounds, then lower 2 pounds.

Other Computer Signature
Justin Steele

3. Other Computer Signature

Sit on the staircase, the feet of the ground, the heavy weight of the left hand, on the shoulder level to start. Press the push button, and then restart the start of 1 rep. All the knees on the left, then change the sides. Extend up to 2 reps, back to 2 reps.

Triceps Pullovers
Justin Steele

4. Triceps Pullovers

Face face seats, ground feet, heavy lifting, direct firearms, to start. Squeeze the elbow using triceps to bring the bubble on the head, and then press up to 1 rep. Lower the weight of 2 heads, press 2 reps.

The standard rate of curls
Justin Steele

5. The normal level of curls

Begin at the edge of the shoulder, the back of the back of the hands. Return the left hand to the shoulder length, and then return. Return to the right side of 1 rep. Quickly move, weight gain 1 angle, reduce 1 rep.

Best Playlist list of Classic Rock Workout

Legs and Maintenance

Hand tools single
Justin Steele

1. Spinal anesthesia

Begin with the hands and knees on the table, the left leg and then stretched, the straight line between the constellation and the head, the right hand mark to start. Recycle on the back, the elbow to the bottom of the bottom of the cage. Go back to the 1 story. Protect the left leg all the time, and complete all the ramps on the right before moving to the left. Lift up 2 pounds, below 2.

Sumo Goblet Squat
Justin Steele

2. Sumo Goblet Squat

Stand to the outside of the wing, a strong message from the feet, to the bell and under the chin to start. Keeping the chest of the chest and rest resting against the sternum, the size, and then stands for 1 rep. Squeeze two jump plays, rise 2 rows.

Lying Row
Justin Steele

3. Bedtime
Squeeze on the bench, any heavy arms. Straight legs lift the ribs to start. Squeeze your shoulders and knees until they are higher than your back. Movement of ground weight to ground up to 1 rep. Some weight 1 bump, bump down the floor 3.

Seated Reverse Fly
Justin Steele

4. Diving Baths
Sit on the stove, directly on the knees, the light bulbs on each side. Handle all hand-held nip folders around the base to the bottom of the shoulders to start. Avoid absences and backs, and one strong motion, and keep the weight away from the middle of the body, by holding a small blade. Release 1 list. Squeeze 1 knob, and slowly beat at least 3 knives.

Roll with a knife
Justin Steele

5. Strike Force
Hold the handle with a heavy hand to start. Take a step forward to the left foot, and the left knee turns to the ground. Left your knee, and then go back to the ground, stop. Left step and repeat by 1 rep. All general migration takes 4 pounds: Back to the back, heart rate, down, stand, each one knock.

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