Best Taste Restaurants in Cape Cod

Sure, you expect a seafood menu while in Massachusetts, especially on Cape Cod. And yep, classics like fish food New England lobster model (the best kind of & # 39; lobster roll & # 39;) and meat & # 39; clam chowder & # 39; it is really sweet and ready to be found, but after spending a long weekend at Provincetown, I was surprised to see a different dining scene.

A city famous for its arts and culture (and homosexuality-friendly), Provincetown also has its own cultural history, too. This is the city where Anthony Bourdain started. He has spent time working with other restaurant staff for one summer, and this summer has turned into a restaurant.

In Provincetown, there are so many restaurants and cafes, you don't have a great time visiting them all! The city thrives during peak travel times (from spring & summer 39), but good food never stops in Ptown.

Here, some of my favorite restaurants in Provincetown – the best dining spots recommended by friends and locals, and Provincetown restaurants that really stand out at the end of summer holidays.

Where to eat Provincetown looga


She is famous for a number of her recipes, including their lobster registration, Canteen it's a new restaurant in Provincetown's food scene, but it quickly announced its reputation! It's an unusual restaurant; You order food from a table and then you can count a number on your table. But high quality food.

The restaurant is often listed on the best lists for Provincetown. (Surprisingly, they serve the two classic styles: hot New England style with butter, and cold mayo style). The restaurant includes indoor and outdoor dining options. The structure of their restaurant is over 200 years old, but the real attraction is the outdoor restaurants on the back overlooking the beach.

Angel Foods

The Angel Foods the market is a grocery store on guitar. I stumbled upon a bike ride through town but quickly fell in love with it! Aside from the standard products that you can expect from local businesses, they also have plenty of ready-made food and bread options.

Angel Foods also makes Italian pasta dishes and maintains a small coffee shop in the back. Bite a bite to eat here and then head to their flight where you can sit in one of their seats outside. If you are planning a beach day, this is also a great place to store supplies!

The feet of John

He is a great favorite of locals and visitors, The feet of John The food station is located near Provincetown harbor. It is definitely a raised window, but they have a small outdoor seating area (with umbrellas) on the roof of their building.

Listed on & # 39; John & # 39; s Footlong & # 39; includes everything you can expect from a fast food, but with a twist on Cape Cod. They got all the fried fish food you would ever need – even with all the masks to grill. But also fast food standards like bracelets, and of course, hot dogs.

Harbor Square

The Harbor Square it really is a cocktail bar and not a restaurant, but the cocktail menu is worth mentioning – their location is the best! Besides the bedroom area on their terrace, there is a wooden plane off the beach. During the hike, you are standing on the water, but at low temperatures, just off the beach.

It is a beautiful view of Provincetown beach. And cocktails are great too.

Pepe & # 39; s Wharf

One of Provincetown's best restaurants, Pepe & # 39; s Wharf It has two ports that look right on the beach and the top beach. For a private lunch and dinner menus, it is an unusual seafood restaurant with an elegant bar. You may need a dinner appointment, however.

The list features fish specialties as usual, but Pepe & # 39; s Wharf serves some special options as well, including Lobster pizza & # 39; and seafood pasta. The recipes are fresh, ambiance is romantic and elegant, and their prices are fair. If you are looking for a romantic dinner or a high quality breakfast you should not miss Pepe & # 39; s Wharf!


A small seafood restaurant on the East End of Provincetown, Yoloqueria serves food called & # 39; Tex-Mexico & # 39; a delicious meal but with their twists. The restaurant is famous for the variety of options that they highly recommend (and many of them include sewing!). Creative Cocktails are also on the menu!

Foreigners & saints

They are at the home of the old captain, the new one Foreigners & saints the restaurant takes its shape from its history of medicine. Serving on Mediterranean dishes, the restaurant has a beautiful, beautiful vibe. Open outdoor seating is open during the summer, but inside, you will find extra chairs, candlelit tables, and a comfortable space.

With Mediterranean style pizzas and shared dishes, the food is really of the highest quality. Lots of Spanish inspiration on the menu.

It can be full, so make a reservation if possible!

Articles of Far Land

One of Provincetown's most famous slash delis, Articles of Far Land they sell baked goods and red bread at their specialty stores. But they also operate a convenience store and restaurant in & # 39; herring Cove Beach & # 39; on the outskirts of town, so you're likely to run into their meal for some time while you're in Provincetown!

Spindler Restaurant

Located on Commercial Road in the collapsed section of East Provincetown & # 39; s End, Spindler Restaurant is the hotel on site at the Waterford Inn hotel. With a second floor and a spacious courtyard, they offer a great view over Commercial Street. The restaurant's regular menu includes French-style cuisine that includes Italian and New England flavors, but on select days and weekends, they also serve as a popular buffet.

The list constituted as seasonal, but the chef Eduardo "Papi" Rios manages some bent and select specific days – with tacos, chilaquiles, and other professionals in Mexico.

Provincetown Promotion Company

Opened in the summer of 2019, Provincetown Brewing Company (PBC) is the city's first brewery. Their restaurant and running location on Bradford Street features an outdoor lounge, and plenty of outdoor space, including tents and seating area – including a bar seating.

It is a cold brew inside, and since it opened, they also offer small bites, sandwiches, and salads with their cats. You will find some of their wine selections even in Provincetown bars in Boston!

Besides the restaurants and food bars, Provincetown's food culture is also on several other shops. You will find convenience stores and sweet shops throughout the city, including small grocery stores and convenience stores. The food in Provincetown district works closely with the everyday life of the city; It seems everyone is walking to the café or coffee bars or snacks.

With all the outdoor ambiance and warm summer weather, finding a place to eat in Provincetown is never really a challenge; and I'm glad that most of the restaurants serve high quality food and reasonable prices!

Note: My visit to Provincetown is sponsored and sponsored by the city. Find more travel guides in Provincetown about it tourism page. Additional LGBTQ guidelines and guidance for the city were developed Provincetown Business Guild, or you can find a gay guide in Provincetown here.