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Best Time to Travel to Japan

Japan may be a small country but it is filled to the brim with so many wonderful places and things to experience! Whether you are looking for a snow vacation in Hokkaido or just want to soak up the views of the flowering flowers in Tokyo, the best time to visit them all depends on what you want to see and do!

The country is proud to have four different seasons, let me tell you… how the weather affects the landscape can only be described as pure magic! In addition, festivals occur throughout the year so there is no “wrong” time to enjoy Japanese recovery!

Walking in the Land of the Rising Sun? Here are the best times to travel to Japan!

March through May

Spring in Japan means temperatures begin to rise after a cold winter and flowers begin to bloom. In the south, you will find warm warmth in the north, still better in the cold.

The importance of spring is of course, cherry blossom!

Also known inactivity, cherry blossom in Japan is a good reason to travel during the spring. However, they only contain full flowers for about a week or two throughout the year … so you should get lucky and plan accordingly.

Japanese people view floral arrangements as a symbol of human life and integrity and hold flower-watching parties. "Hanami." There are tons of delicious flower remedies for flower-lilies and specialties at the moment. Now that's something I really want to get involved with!

But don’t worry if you miss the festivities or peak weekends. After full bloom, the flowers begin to float on the ground and look like snow and red! It is said to be the most beautiful at this stage.


June through August

Although Japan means rainy season, it's also a great rainy season, big holidays, and food packages. Despite the hustle, travelers from all over the world come to experience the culture and events that take place.

In fact, there are so many festivals that I don’t even know where to begin. During July in Kyoto, there is Gion Matsuri, one of the most popular festivals in the country. It is famous for its great walking distance "Yamaboko Junko." At Yokohama Port, over 6,000 fireworks were killed to celebrate the start of summer!

In the city of Aomori, locals enjoy the windmills and thousands of songs dancing to the Nebuta Matsuri party!

If you are planning your trip to a party or just touring the city, I highly recommend packing a simple dress and booking in advance.

Also, if you're taking photos, arrange your sunglasses to be thirsty in some places because of the humidity.

September to November

Whenever the warmth of the summer heat goes bad, Japan is covered with seasonal colors. These leaves draw travelers who look like flower petals. In fact, watching the leaves have been a popular thing for centuries. The best places to see fall foliage are gardens, temples, and mountains.

If you want to see the foliage on your head Niseko, Hachimanti, Mt. Nasu-Dham, the river Kinu-car, and Mt. Fuji.

Shirakawa, Japan

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In general

Japan is one of my favorite places to visit in Asia as there is so much to see and do! The country is full of amazing contradictions: you will find a history that uses the background of some of the latest technological advances – I mean robotic restaurants and ancient temples … how cool is that?

Let's not forget all the wonderful foods. Not sure where to start? Here are 10 local foods you should try in Japan!

Regardless of when you visit, Japan will definitely exceed your expectations and it will be your lifelong journey.