Blue Moon founder introduces a new THC-Infused Craft

Blue Moon basins have taken a new challenge: the growth of the marijuana is that, yes, you really get high.

Keith Villa, who previously worked for Blue Moon for 32 years, produced the Boulevard Ranch, leaping in the growing market of cannabis. CERIA Brewing Co., CERIA Brewing Co., will release their first farmers in Colorado, then move to countries such as California and Michigan while the marijuana is legal.

Villa is close to Blue Moon with its first company, Grainwave Belgian-Style White Ale. It is packed with soft and blemished fats, "says a very beautiful and very kind, very bitter taste because of cannabinoids," he told USA Today.

Because the water was given to five THC mines, a marijuana substance that produces high standards, federal law forbids liver that it also contains alcohol. But you are confident, you will feel ready to request it. Agriculture & # 39; cannabis & # 39; was released in the United States, but this is the first time that the THC will be available to the public.

Other companies such as Molson Coors, Svedka, Corona, and even Coca-Cola have shown interest in entering the marijuana market, but mostly raped by CBF, high in high cholesterol, but often used to reduce pain and anxiety.

CERIA's first crear THC will be available in Colorado in mid-December, and it should arrive in other provinces early in the year 2019. Individuals will sell $ 9, and four copies will cost about $ 36.