Borrowing Du Fu’s “The Prime Minister” to Say the Law Writing and Characteristics of Law Writing

This poem was written by Du Fu when he visited Chengdu’s temple in Zhuge Wuhou. That year was 760 AD, Du Fu came to Chengdu from Qinzhou, and Buju was in Huanhuacaotang. Chengdu is the old capital of Shuhan. Du Fu’s life is extremely admired by Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Wuhou Temple is the place he is eager to pay respect to and writes this first poem.

Starting a link, writing a poet to visit the ancestral hall. The second time, the poet’s emotional excitement when he first entered the ancestral hall. Sanlian, write poetry’s evaluation of Wuhou and the cause of admiration. Join the knot, and then introduce a layer of meaning, write down the regrets of thousands of descendants on Wuhou Gongye. The eight sentences in the district seem to be ordinary, and the organization of their texts is extremely expensive.

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Du Fu’s poem “”

This is the writing of the poem. The rhythm limitation of the rhyme is much stricter than that of the ancient poetry. It is more difficult to write well because it is more constrained in form, and the form is too restrictive, which in turn affects the expression of the content and the exertion of ideas.

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So, to write a good poem, you must try your best to do the following: First, the poem It is required to have a high degree of generalization. The so-called “Nasu is mustard” means to put a mountain into a small seed. There are contradictions that are difficult to co-ordinate.

Secondly, it is required to use the dual sentence in the middle of the circumstance, and to show the agile change in the occlusion, not to be tired of the mate. The format is fixed and there is also a change in the opening, which is not easy to combine.

By reading Du Fu's

In the 1950s, Qi Gong’s drawing of the lyrics for lectures

again, Hua Qiaotai If you are too much, you will fall into weakness, be too simple, and look dull. That is to say, it needs to have a strong color, but it cannot be overly carved.

Repeated, due to the limitation of the number of words, the poem requires each word to have the function of each word, and the spirit of one sentence is one sentence. The whole poem is taken together, and the Qibao Tower is broken, but it is broken down, but it is self-contained. This kind of independence between the fragments and the overall connection is also much stricter than the ancient poetry.

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In short, the rhyme of the rhyme, regardless of the narrative, in the shade of the color, the layout of the real, group The intricacies of the sentence, the use of the word’s tempering and other aspects, are less easy to use than the ancient poetry.

Du Fu is a great realist poet with a high ambition, worrying about the country and the people, especially in the situation of unsatisfactory career, repeated attacks, and poverty, still not changing the original intention, not giving up literature. The persistence and pursuit of the concept, especially in the creation of poetry, is serious and serious. “It is a good sentence for human nature, and the language is not surprisingly endless.” Its academic spirit and creative attitude are worthy of praise and emulation.

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[Tang Dynasty·Du Fu’s “”: Where is the ,Besson outside the city. The mirrors of the grass are from spring, and the leaves are yellow and good. The three counts are troubled by the world, and the two dynasties open the heart of the old minister. The teacher did not die before he died, and the hero made his tears full. 】