Boulder, Colo., Return to Higher Levels of Behavior

Running the Canyon Pass, about 11,500 feet above sea level, is a little bounce cold-pool: It's a fun, stimulating and takes a few minutes. When I could not breathe my breath because of the tops, I took pictures of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's hard to hit Boulder, Colo., If you're looking to return to nature – it's easy to get a national park in one of the best parks in the country – but you do not really need to leave the city all to have some fun and outdoor activities, as well as some experience in the food content. However, Boulder is an expensive city. The cost of real estate is some of the highest in the country, with Google and Amazon increasing their presence in the city, this is not going to go right away. Fortunately, I was able to get Boulder's maximum cash outage during a visit in July.

I flew to International Airport at Denver International Airport and met with the high cost of renting cars, and they chose to make long lines through a rideshare center in the center of Avis. $ 42 a day has given me a new Subaru Outback (it will not be the last I've seen during the Colorado conflicts). During my Northeast, I stopped Louisville's Moxie Bread Co, a high-tastefully called celery lorry. I came to the nearest time, when most of the products were sold – a friend behind him behind me was gracious and gave me a free coffee. The prostitution ($ 4.50) was very good, like a small animal, a little baked bread with decorated bread ($ 6).

I found it easier than surfing, but easy. In the first 30 minutes, I had a long, spell-filled knee, since I felt the nervousness of trying to stop, immediately fall into the stomach. But after we had a half-broken drain, we spent the next hour as a few gondolas in a safe and secure way.