Brad Pitt enters the tour & # 39; Epic Space Journey & # 39; of & # 39; Astra Advertising & # 39; of the new

After taking in 1969 Los Angeles inside Once in Hollywood, Brad Pitt is drawing himself to face some of the most exciting stars. By that we mean he is heading towards the movie premiere Ast Astra Advertising.

In a new animated feature film, Pitt and director James Gray talk about making the film and its meaning to the characters as they travel.

Pitt says: "It's a human-centered story about yourself and finding yourself … what's the vulnerability, what is the strength, and where does the power come from?"

The process begins with the character of Roy McBride Pitt sent a mission to the lowest point of the solar system to more looga know the secrets of risk that can lead to the whole world. "When the movie started we learned that Roy's father was in the process for 13 years, and he is probably still alive," Pitt said.

This scene introduces some of the wonderful scenes that Gray put together in the film. Watch the trailer featurette here:

"It's going to be an important journey in this accessible world," Gray said. "Roy thinks that the answers to the riddle of life are in space, and they come to learn that the beauty of life is human connection."

Ast Astra Advertising is set to hit theaters on September 20th.