Brick Aperture House in Kris Grennan Architecture

If you ask us, the building's building & # 39; Brick Aperture & # 39; and to build the Kris Grennan Architecture is amazing! As a junior photographer, its strategic layout and strategic strategic placement allows the light to emerge in a structured and sturdy building that lights on every day.

Located in Sydney, Australia, Aperture House is just one story just a few small houses. It comes from others as the free grass, which provides the biggest difference on the road since the queue from large commercial buildings. Although recently rehabilitated, a few more details about the house are still original, showing the historical features of Inner West Sydney.

Home reading consists of beautiful and beautiful windows, from the ceiling to the ground. This will increase the current trend of the housing gap, making it a little bit of the front of the roadway. To ensure that the property is not available too warm or bright sunshine, the yard is cut off by many wonderful trees, the herb only the exact amount of the shadow for the comfort. It also improves the kitchen view and music windows!

Reconstructed, the designers worked with the first goal of paying more than ever. Although they wanted to protect the old home, most of their traditional rooms were still working on building the back of the house, slightly reducing the light, reducing the light, and all of them feel larger and more breathed. This process has been assisted along with many beautiful balance sheets making high roofs and free.

To find out in the interior of the home, the design of the group has put together a lot of traditional dress code. Combine the three columns in the original home and the structure, the red brush protects the minimalist minimalist structure and adds a touch of the house. They even checked that they used recycled recycling to reduce the environmental impact of the project.

The topic mentioned above will continue in the home! The next treatment will be achieved without any clear cleaning of the modern and modern ultra-modern photovoltaic camera. This allows the home to feel renewed while still holding a dialogue with the Home Aperture and other streetlights. This is important for design, because it has enhanced the local culture of professional artifacts displayed in the vicinity of the surrounding neighborhoods.

To suit the white paint in the interior, the home-fixing components are stylish and lightweight. White is central to the dark and natural mirrors, just to save them from contemporary smartphones compared to homeowners. With ladies and red shirts, generally the theater is one of the most up-to-date regeneration and repatriation methods, instead of replacing the new 'totally new'.

Photos: Michael Nicholson, Kreis Grennan Architecture,