Brickwork Paddington's home turned into a farm office for Edward Williams Architects

In central London in Paddington, in the United Kingdom, an old-fashioned home has recently been renovated and renovated as a beautiful office that invests in sustainable industry by the creative team of Edward Williams Architects.

Properly named in the Paddington Office, the building sits on quiet, traditional-looking buildings in a row. Although some parts of the original building have been restored, other parts of the years that have been in the air for years have been completely rebuilt. This is especially true on the inside as the designers wanted to make the parts of the old house more authentic while still updating specific pieces to take account of the needs of the modern office.

While the company is growing, it is still too small for the grand scheme of things, making it the perfect size home for this type of public office. Because the company's focus is on sustainability, it only makes sense that reforms and the internal office also operate on the ideas of sustainable systems that have little impact on the environment. Besides adapting to the needs of the office itself, this also shows a real international commitment to the values ​​of their business.

At the beginning of the project, a sustainable carbon emission strategy was established for the building, which covers 210 square meters. This was achieved by replacing the old gas leakage system with 100% renewable electricity from sustainable local sources.

In their attempt to keep the building as simple and as original as possible, while modernizing the interior, the designers have chosen to work primarily on natural and local materials. This was where I & # 39; ve put a lot of effort into restoring the face of the dance that came from; The purpose was to make sure that the office still looked like part of the streetwear, fit in as a quiet and impossible place.

Inside, the office suites keep a lot of the original as well, continuing with the theme of dancing and working on some natural wood in the enclosures, as well as the stainless steel paints and paints. details. The office is fully equipped with technology with more open standards than the standard buildings in this city, but the high ceilings and windows make sure the building is right in front, and level on the street.

Inside the building, where beautiful wood floors abound on floors, walls, and On the roof, there are parts of the storage, distribution, and segregation of the roof that were easier to build than the base, bring it in, and set it up, instead of working the scratch at the risk of the original aspects of the design by the designers. really intending to keep it.

These pieces are rare, as the sense of collaboration and community is essential to the goals and values ​​of the office, but they help provide a sense of privacy and privacy in conferences that require such or little. & # 39; a little noise. Elsewhere, the office space is a friendly feel, friendly, and even a little inside.

In terms of the way it works, the building shows all the public spaces, or areas where customers typically meet, on the ground floor. This leaves the upper floor of the private office, all connected by an open staircase. On the ground floor floor, where customers can chat on a sunny day or where employees can take their breaks, two of the demolition doors can go back, revealing a & # 39; patio space & # 39; making the cobbles feel like they are directing the patterns of the living room table.

These doors do more than just get around the world outside the home. It also allows natural sunlight and fresh air to flood the common areas, reducing the need for electric light and temperature regulation systems at times. The neighborhood’s scenery and the exterior of the small living room provide the atmosphere of the interior that re-creates a strong connection between the modern house and the more traditional one.

Photos by Agnes Sanvito