Bright and airy Modern Coast Pool built by JDesign Group off the coast of Australia

In the stunning sunny coastal city of Inverloch, Victoria, Australia, JDesign Group's design team recently completed this air-conditioned holiday home & # 39; The Modern Beachside Home & # 39 ;.

Besides the emphasis on the more natural light of the natural sun and the air-conditioned atmosphere, as one might imagine at home in the sea, the careful and intricate composition of composite materials and composite coloring sheets may be. It's what comes to our mind at home. The face of the house is the perfect example of what we mean here! It is made of wood not only, but also for cementing and careful handling.

The aforementioned auction is more than an architectural design in style. It was actually selected based on a desire for energy and green home systems. Cemintal cladding is a simple product made in Australia. The task of designing and installing these boards is efficient waste and their impact is to increase indirect temperature control and reduce energy waste in homes. They also paint beautifully for color adjustment!

This beach house, especially the beach, makes good use of its highest standards. The home has two warehouses with a few parts of the video with a cubic capacity and depending on the surface and matching each other in an appropriate form of content being looga street level. The style gives it a modern feel although some decorative elements add to the abundance of the ocean.

Instead of just focusing on the color scheme, which is undoubtedly important in the home and balancing natural trees with a full spectrum of blue, screen, and gray shades, the designers chose to create a foundation. structure as well. Clean lines and solid materials such as glass, metal, wood, and columns are compared to years of interesting windows and floorboards.

Probably the most interesting part of the house, in our view, is the fact that the outdoor space has been built with due care and consideration as living areas. The large playground boasts spectacular views, welcoming seating for guests, and a refreshing pool in between sessions. Combined wood makes things warm and normal on the beach-y, but the heat doesn't make it hurt to your feet!

Given that the pool and the harbor are central sites for the home's social space, the designers wanted to make sure that residents and visitors could easily find it anywhere in the house. This represents the existence of several floors up to the ceiling of glass panels, which help combine the interior and exterior spaces very well. This is also why the spiral staircases, which also add interesting visual details, are included, giving direct access to the bedroom door to the top floor!

Color-colored points, there is definitely a purpose behind this. The designers strategically placed the painted walls with points that could be visually stunning or beautifully finished and compared to the stone elements of the natural buildings around the house. It is always sandy, watery, and green, but the occasional rock and roll within it needs to look good in home color.

Photos by Sawren Reed Photography