Brighten your child’s life! Country Garden helps “shiny schoolbag”

The large-scale public welfare activity initiated by Shenyang Daily Newspaper Group Shenyang Net and sponsored by Country Garden Country Garden, the “Sparkling Schoolbag – Illuminating Children’s Life Road”, warmed up many families of Shenyang left-behind children in this early autumn.

August 28th, following the “Best Day” companionship, Shenyang Net led the love photography team and once again entered Santaizi Village to take pictures of life for free left-behind children.

 Brighten your child's life! Country Garden helps

“Uncle, you come with I am!” The 7-year-old from Santaizi Village, Jinwutai Town, Xinmin City, took the hands of photography volunteers for a long time and did not want to let go.

“This public welfare shooting event, we organized a volunteer photography team of more than 40 people, visited the families of left-behind children, this trip, not only sent shiny bags and stationery to the children, more We want to bring the family-like companionship to the children.” Wenda, the person in charge of the shiny bag activity, said.

Studio becomes a nonprofit platform

illuminate the child's life! Country Garden helps

On August 17, 2018, Shenyang Daily Newspaper Group Shenyang Net Public Welfare Studio officially settled in Country Garden and held a ceremony.

Country Garden proposes a public interest viewpoint of “donation and companionship”. As a loving enterprise, Country Garden not only donates money and materials, but also spontaneously forms a volunteer team to participate in charitable activities in person, and realize the charity belief of “donation companionship” and committed to.

 Brighten your child's life! Country Garden helps

For more than 20 years, Country Garden is educating The donations of various public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and medical care have exceeded 4.2 billion yuan. Country Garden hopes that society will become better because of our existence.

New friends of “Little Migratory Birds”

A reporter from found through a previous visit that there are a certain number of left-behind children in rural areas of Shenyang. Lack of care in life, lack of guidance in thought, lack of care in the mind, and full of desire for home.

 Brighten your child's life! Country Garden helps

“Sparkling Schoolbag” Volunteer Those who used love to warm and accompany the “Little Migratory Birds” and carried out a series of meaningful and interesting activities. The “Little Migratory Birds” had a great time and were very happy.

 Brighten your child's life! Country Garden helps

Love, companionship The middle line

The “shiny school bag” is still hot, and the enthusiasm of the volunteers has not diminished.

On August 31, Shenyang Net, Country Garden, and Shenyang Charity Federation once again formed a loving team. Under the leadership of Zhang Liguo, the first secretary of the village, 610 shiny bags were sent to Jinwutaizi Town Middle School. More than 70 secretaries of Xinmin City were uniformly collected, giving surprises to more “small migratory birds”.

On September 4th, the Maritim Hotel Shenyang Country Garden will usher in another climax of this event. The “Good Childhood Lets Accompaniment” public welfare education forum will be officially held here, at that time, “Little Migratory Birds” “They will have the opportunity to walk out of the country, into the city, and experience different companions and surprises.

 Brighten your child's life! Country Garden helps