Buffett: The best investment is to invest in yourself

Buffett : The best investment is to invest in yourself


Whether Buffett’s money is from the wind?

The first time I heard the concept of “investment”, it was “speculation (investment)” by the big boss of Guangdong in the early sitcom. Because of the big face of Guangdong big boss and the lame Mandarin, my impression of investment has been very negative.

plus the Wenzhou real estate speculators in previous years, so that housing prices skyrocketed, I am even more disgusted with investment.

But the resentment is offensive, and investment is really necessary for the individual. If you just go to work, the money you can earn in your lifetime can be calculated, but the cost of your life is uncalculated, which is a terrible thing.

The trouble in life will not come to you because your credit card has not been returned this month.

The so-called misfortunes are not alone, and Fu has no double.

Investment is necessary.

So now that we have decided to invest, are we buying wealth management, buying futures, or buying overseas real estate?

In other words, is your flowering this month still finished?

The first step on the road to wealth management, many people will be mixed, because there is no money.


Because there is no investment. No investment? Did not invest in yourself.

If you take all of Buffett’s property, do you think he needs a few more years to come back, and you need years to turn yourself back into poverty?

Buffett’s money is blown by the wind? Growing up in the ground? Or is it inherited from the ancestors?

People are earned by their skills.

Nothing to do= no money

How is it? Invest in yourself.

 Buffett: The best investment is to invest in yourself


On your own

Nothing in the world is eternal. Those who joined the Kuomintang in 1949 may not have thought that they would follow Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan.

Don’t think about what a golden bowl of silver rice bowl, others can give you no.

Napoleon said that soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers.

You think, if you want to be a general, you can’t guarantee that you will be a general. It’s just a “good soldier.” If you don’t want to be a general, you can’t even do a soldier. Soldiers do not do well, not to get out of the way to eat a gun, but also to talk about what is the golden bowl of silver rice bowl?

“My favorite person is a hero of the world. He will step on the colorful clouds to swear me one day.”

Women’s love is not happy because they can meet monkeys who raise clouds. What? Is it clear that I can be a Zixia fairy? If you are not a Zixia fairy, the big hero stepping on the clouds and stopping at you is also asking for directions.

Does the Japanese devil be the Son of Christ or is it that my Buddha is running? It is the great Chinese people who fought in the war for eight years!

We don’t rely on God Buddha, we rely on ourselves.

Only you are reliable.


Face and failure

On your own, you have to accept failure and injury pain.

Because you are not a Pokémon trainer, you can’t stand and shout, go on, Pikachu! Then I watched.

Your life, your dreams have to be realized by yourself.

Life is like a boxing ring, and the boxing champion is also beaten all the way.

Where there are people who will not fail. Only those who fail to turn down the boxing ring can’t accept it.

If you are afraid of failure, don’t start, start, don’t be afraid of failure.

There is nothing “I try,” I just want to say “Forget it.”

The lucky job is better than a lucky business. The risk of being beaten in the audience is always much smaller than in the boxing ring.

 Buffett: The best investment is to invest in yourself


Getting professional

If you decide to rely on yourself and accept the possibility of failure, then it is true.

I really have to find a professional, you can’t ask neighbors what industry is now Red Sea What industry is blue ocean, and then make a fortune. If you live next door to Buffett, when I didn’t say it, you don’t have to look down on the article, because Buffett is more reasonable than what I said. Investors are professional

If your neighbor is not Buffett, then you need to spend some time to find a professional. It can be a person, it can be a course. It is dangerous and not necessary to build a car behind closed doors.

Professional guidance allows you to take a lot of detours and avoid many failures. Although failure is inevitable, it does not mean that we need artificial manufacturing failure.


Proactively attacked and found out

The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared of.

This sentence is problematic because it makes the opportunity to be as simple as your mother’s dinner for you. It seems that you are talking to your mother, I will come back later, the food will be kept for me, and you will have food to eat. The opportunity is not so good to speak.

The opportunity is impossible to stay, it will stay, not called “opportunity” called “post”

Looking for opportunities is also part of the preparation work, and it is a big part.

Whether the opportunity is to turn “depending on others” into “opportunity”, what is the difference?

If you really want to invest in yourself and grow up, when you have a chance to grow up, you should say “Choose me!” instead of saying “Next time”


Simplify your life

If you haven’t become rich yet, the resources on hand are When you are limited, please reduce your daily expenses.

A meal is to eat beef or chicken, or simply not to eat meat, has no effect on your life, except for the difference between fat and calories.

But if you read a book less and learn the same skills, it will have a big impact on your life.

If you want to invest in yourself and make achievements, other expenses will have to make concessions for “investing yourself.”

If your girlfriend doesn’t break up with you because you are no longer a QQ super member, then the member can stop.

If you don’t go out, you won’t be able to find a way home by taking the subway. You can change your way of travel.

The so-called, spend money on the blade.

 Buffett: The best investment is to invest in yourself


Investing in how much you earned

Neri Garland was an ordinary Cuban immigrant girl, now she is also a corporate producer and real estate tycoon Three identities are successful women who have a place in the American entertainment industry.

In the year of Gao Yiyi, Neri Garland attended a Catholic girls’ school, but her family could not afford her tuition.

She remembered that she had a grandmother living in the same street. She was a salesman at Avon, and she went door-to-door to sell cosmetics.

She decided to sell Avon’s products to her classmates and their mothers, from which they could make a profit and share it with their grandmother.

In this way, she saved a sum of money and paid the tuition.

Nelly Garland said that this is the first lesson she has learned in investing herself:

After encountering problems in life, I think in terms of investors , I found a solution. Investing in my own seeds began to take root in my body, allowing me to initially feel what I can do with my talents and resources.

In fact, everyone is a potential stock worth exploring, investing in yourself and never losing money.

Later, Garry said, “When you have invested in your own way of thinking, you will not feel hurt and disappointed, because you have everything in your hands.”

Neri Garland achieved economic independence and personal freedom by investing in herself.

When you go to school, you should have learned an economic concept “Engel coefficient”. The greater the proportion of the cost of purchasing food for a person, the poorer it is. On the one hand, it is because of poverty, it is only enough for the abdomen. On the other hand, because it is only enough for the abdomen, it is impossible to invest in itself, to upgrade itself, and to be poorer.

Life is nothing more than a cycle, either a virtuous circle, a vicious circle, no balance, only better or worse.

Think about whether your monthly expenses are all used to satisfy your various desires, eat, eat, buy and buy. You may have to give yourself a hard-to-do monthly Taobao not more than the amount, the amount of food expenses, have set a self-investment, the amount of learning?

The so-called investment itself, but with limited resources, to achieve or ambitious or ordinary dreams, continuous learning, hard work and self-discipline.

Everyone has limited time and money, reasonably allocates limited resources, and uses the eyes of investors to find the seeds of investment from their own.

No matter which stage of your life you are in, this is the best time to invest in yourself.