Butterfly House in Carmel-by-the Sea by Feldman Architecture

As the name of the homeowner (which is located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States) is not enough, Feldman Architecture has designated the home-based Butterfly system, which may be home the best of welcome & # 39; I've heard it before I even have eyes!

Butterfly House is designed for older couples designed to use retirement after a hard working life, as well as rest for their growing children to provide a break from the daily life needs. Searching for this beautiful land has taken over for two years, which encouraged designers to really do justice in the area. When customers received the items, they said a number of unprotected animal mugs in the grass, which is why the designers have taken the idea of ​​being a motivational novel called home name.

As part of the development of green justice, designers and consumers agreed that the home should strive to connect to the inside and outside open space. It aims to protect modern smartphones but easily with different places for everyday life and visitors who want to rest. That's why the house was built in three different locations, each with its dazzling and comfortable ceilings.

Every corner of the Butterfly House has its own work. For example, in the center, it is in the most important areas, food, and cooking areas. The other two provide everything you need and want to sleep, bath, and rest in time. Although each doctrine is dense, all three feel free and grow and appreciate anyone who opens an open space outside, like the room, giving guests an amazing view of the canyon below the house and California on the mountains surrounded by distance.

One of our favorite facts about this house is that the ceiling ceiling is not just the decorating! Although they are do it provide a beautiful home theater of modern but also natural branches, they also get rain water. This is an important "green" feature in California, where the water is limited resources. Each ceiling is suitable for water to return to sports pools, which then turn cisterns into natural watering.

Especially during the fall, the storm roofs are new because they work with the natural heritage of the area to get water to some parts of the ground. This creates what is called "no-change" nature and construction, this idea takes over the whole house and every one of the three pavilions. This thanks to the part of the plants of the interior and exterior systems, to export the greenhouse to the water to pass through the ground. These things encourage an emotional sense of natural nature.

Possession of the subject that enables the natural flow of everything between interior and exterior, the color of the house is moderate. This will be visible on concrete floors and walls, large windows and open doors, pet roof, and iron support. These natural resources also have a cool place without any systematic pressure on & # 39; mirrors and mirrors often absorb sun and heat during the day and release them at night when it's cool. The home uses very little energy resulting from the solar eclipse system around almost everything.

Photos: Joe Fletcher, Jason Liske