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Exercise offers a variety of benefits & health benefits, including bone enhancement that has a positive effect on mood and helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Research on the late 1980s has shown that physical activity in the body can contribute to increasing life. However, several studies on investigators have shown that severe exercise and exercise can be harmful to some heart experts thinking of how hard people are pushing for exercise (see here and here).

Is there a level of cardiorespiratory level that could affect the importance of

Review of the review JAMA Try to answer the questionnaire. The study explores the relationship between long-term death and different levels of fitness (CRF). CRF is approximately as good as your heart and lungs to give blood and oxygen throughout the body during extra gyms. You have a great deal of high levels of CRF. Exercise, and severe exercise, can both increase CRF.

The researchers looked at more than 122,000 patients in a major medical clinic based on a treadmill, a CRF target. Although the mean age was 53, the participants were between 18 and 80 years old. Similar findings from previous studies, can be a long-term lifestyle. This has happened at any age. The researchers also saw the relationship between CRF and living standards: the higher the level of physical activity, the higher the level of the higher. This is especially evident in the elderly and people with high blood pressure. Security money continued to rise high.

What does this mean for us?

If there is no health hazard, we must all try to achieve and maintain the high levels of physical activity. The current guidelines suggest 150 to 300 minutes of moderate performance (walking, running, swimming, cycling), or 75 minutes of active activity, or both. Two-week self-care training to strengthen the muscles is also recommended. Unfortunately, about five adult and adult adults are adequate exercise to maintain good health.

Thinking about where to start?

There is a place to start for everyone regardless of age & gender or the level of physical activity.

  • First, think about safety. Walking and lower levels of exercise generally make it generally safe for most people. But look at your doctor before you start or do not exercise on exercise if you have heart rate history, or other medical condition that may affect your physical exertion.
  • Start small You will be very successful if you are doing low inflation. For example, begin to move between 10 and 20 minutes three times a week. Every week or two, add five minutes until you reach the target for 30 minutes. Then, every week or twice, add one day until you reach for at least 150 minutes a week. After a while you can try to increase the intensity. Remember, small goals are achievable, with these few successes will continue to continue to motivate you.
  • Do not be afraid of exercise or exercise. Every movement is good, and it's right. The simulation scares a lot of people – you may be overweight or inadequate, and you can worry that other people feel or judge. Everyone was new to a one-point average. Stress your goal and avoid energy from things that are not relevant.
  • Plan ahead. To maximize your success by taking a long-term lifestyle, plan ahead. Every week, look at your schedule before the time and when you will exercise. Think of your chance to exercise as an appointment, rather than if I have time.
  • Expect to lose the battle. Keep in mind, in fact, most people may be somewhere when they work for a change of behavior. Do not let this break your motivation. Instead, the signs that they may have interfered with, are tackling the problem, and always try again.

Try to go back to the body after you want?

Take the first week to delay exercise. Avoid building your first level of physical activity so you can avoid losing yourself.

Is already active and surprised how to get more benefits?

  • Many people abstain from resistant training and often focus on the heart. The defense training helps you build power, so improve your heart and heart rate.
  • If you are short-term, consider the combination of integrated mixing exercises. This will help you increase your bank account.
  • Exercise your exercise to protect yourself.

In many cases, our health has a back seat of busy work and a great deal of responsibility for our lives. Reducing your health through high-quality food choices and getting enough sleep and exercise takes time and effort. But it's really worth it, it just gets easier at that time as these new customs are becoming more and more popular.

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