Candelaria House by Llano Arquitectos

Candelaria House, established and planned by Llano Arquitectos, was recently completed in La Estrella, Colombia to provide a modern family, open to a home.

The house, located in the Antioqua area, is located on top. Although its amazing appearance, it is really very small, which is deliberate. In this project, the architecture looga intended to protect natural areas around the new building, as well as benefiting from & # 39; iideysanaya light sunlight flooding the whole.

A standard overview of the outside of the home is the parallel model. This can be seen anywhere outside of the home, used outside the garden, mostly in the lower floor of glass windows. These windows and light sunlight help create a beautiful, beautiful place, where the open concept of the main home appears unlimited.

At the same time alerting sunshine and sunlight breaks the internal distribution, while the visible streets also seem to destroy the borders of the home, making the home feel of a mixed experience like natural surroundings . It's not a problem in your room, without any restrictions on the beauty of the house.

Glass mirrors and metal decorations boast in two large and larger floors. The dance activities are closed in the middle of the middle and this action is the basis of all the rooms in the house. This is a goal, with places in common household areas commonly shared.

In areas not marked by the increase of animals and unpaid movements without split in the bedroom. It stands for the fact that it's not even a wall! To ensure confidentiality of the outside world, however, is do it they have a lid on the corners of the corner, where the natural and landscaped landscape offers a kind of air-conditioned screen, outside and outside the outdoor area.

In the same way, the fence is integrated into the large room of the room, becoming a quiet place, relaxation, and ideas. Stability stabilization is carried out at the rest of the house as a whole with wooden details, as well as the strong presence of new greenhouses.

Movement from the bedroom, located on the open air bridge, which connects to the main era, guests will find a combination of life, kitchen, and food, which is thanks to the full-floor walls. fully open the negotiation process. In this case, internal and external spaces are even added to each other when given to the family easier to reach a natural pool.

Alejandro Arango Photos