Candy Loft StudioAC

With streets on Toronto, Canada, StudioAC created a modern house with no girl. Candy Loft is an open space for anyone who tastes somewhere between couty and sophisticated.

The room is located in the second story of the complex conversation, with many services coming from a busy street in the heart of West End. Apart from just beautiful, the decor is created to give the landlord a space outside and feels a special place in the big city and all city life demands.

When you come into the apartment, visitors meet an open-door entrance, apart from friends and family welcome, serve to provide a special place in the home of the calendar, outside of the front door. The purpose of this trip is clearly defined by the owner of everyday life of the building beyond the boundaries of the building.

While transitioning is increasing the feeling of stability throughout the home, they can also live in the backyards of the house to find the best viewpoint. During the living room and kitchen, the beautiful flat roofs of the windows are not the only curtains of the city, but also the green leaves of the greenhouse directly below the house.

In the living space of the home, the designers attempted to balance the full range of the integration process. Although the overall purpose of participation is to make all the sense of stability, they also wanted to provide the best rooms for the better walking without leaving totally open idea.

To address all of these goals and looga effective way window, nashqadeeyayaashu chose to establish a series of rooms to the opposite room. These are open and inviting, but they are still creating editorials between one place and the next. The mountain lake is the lead of the people of the communities, the common people, and the hosting of the private parts of their home.

Under each of these rooms, flats are made of green guns, and hard wood is heated and reflects the soft light of the soft light on the walls of the walls. These create a sense of relaxing comfort and make the separator from the room up to the room to feel around. At the top of the light in the light of the light you are on the roof of the mirror like a soft tree.

Overall, Candy Loft was the subject of research in subjects and subjects called & quot; esteetics & # 39; both for both the owner and the designer. Immediately reaches the sense of style and comfort. Copper is included in the light and clean wood, the white top of the fields such as the kitchen for the modern beech which is well versed with the enamel that is found in all other parts of the house.

The assistant was chosen deliberately to add an emotional change to planning later. After some use, copper starts to show signs of climate-friendly afterward. Instead of being soft and tender, it can add a room character, which is the purpose here, where the stories and the standards are the same. The Candy Club is characterized by the interaction, the natural feeling, and the escape of the city life in one place.

Photos of Jeremie Warshafsky