Carly Rae Jepsen from Calvin Klein: & # 39; Wicista Me & # 39; (Maybe?)

Is Carly Rae Jepsen hoped that the front seat is selected for the next Calvin Klein show, perhaps faster Rocky, Khalid and Billie Eilish? That will be the natural conclusion of one who watched a new video on one side for "Party For One", which Ms. stars Jepsen and some of the most popular places have recently been seen in a mirror, called Calvin Klein.

Calvin talks about the 38-minute image when Ms. Jepsen has thrown his machine and has been featured on some of his video stars, including at least one woman and two other men.

Absolute Vodka and Postmates also have a role in the video role, as Ms. Jepsen and her doll partners combine a hotel hotel. Generally, the "Unity Party" is unreasonable in connection with unwanted technology.

However, Calvin Klein did not know it was happening. "Calvin Klein did not facilitate placement of Ms. Jepsen's video," said a spokesman. (He did not see or hear the video before contacting him.) "But we are always happy to see the artists working with our products in a creative way."

"Carly has no co-operation with Calvin Klein and the following." This statement, this is not a pay cut, but that's a very common type and the CK is the only way to go, "Ms. Jepsen confirmed afterwards.

Ms. Jepsen is not paid for the information used, and there is no (yet) story about it as one of the famous organizations. But it is easy to imagine why someone loves Ms. Jepsen or the employer's "Scooter Braun" would be interested in keeping the logo like Calvin Klein.

Ms. Jepsen, 32, the most famous Canadian, well known for the 2012 Call Me Maybe, has moved to a voicemail with the 2015 Emotion. It came into play by a group of authors of poetry, creators of the pop-up (Sia) who had a great name (Dev Hynes, Ariel Rechtshaid).

In most parts of the album, the album did not sell well (though it came into Japan with gold!). But she changed Ms. She particularly loves the audience. Earlier this year, Michael Waters's author saw:

Line queues, Jepsen is a cultural hero. A large number of clubs are thrown out of their honor and are known as & # 39; only gas that can hear music lyrics rae jepsen & # 39; and "carly rae jepsen created people of the same sex when they run Run Away With Me (2015)" on the internet.

Ms. Jepsen has earned more than 5 million commuters per month on Spotify, much less, she says, Britney Spears, but millions more than the independent music club of my club, such as Grimes.

Ms. Jepsen benefited from his extraordinary impression of the photographer's image. Tom Hanks has introduced "I would like it," in 2015, in New York's streets before meeting Ms. Jepsen to finish the dance video.