Cavaliers are not cured by LeBron James Hangover

CLEVELAND – LeBron James will not stay in Cleveland to save Cavaliers.

The shoe is its jaws, bikes, pins and unattended, the presence of electricity.

He was not there to help Cavaliers this season, with 0-6 games. He does not have to settle down on Sunday, when the club has released the winner of the Tyronn Lue.

James, of course, is Los Angeles Laker now, has focused on the attempt to revitalize the heroic group of ethnic groups.

Ohio's absence is a heavy weight. It looks like a low shade, and produces a lot of questions about, a group of N.B.A. final in the last four years and won the title in 2016.

Call the LeBron James Call.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says there is no connection with LeBron. "Full integration," he said, increasing the problem.

"It's not just about his qualities, but the overall presence," he said. "You can feel when he entered the gym, and when this road is struck down, and when he is gone, he is like him." The whole body feels it must take action, even in the city. that is it's the struggle. "

So far, the struggle is real and not good.

When James left Cleveland, for the second time, the group developed a sober remedy for purification of historical heritage (without having found a frustrated relationship between ownership and James signed by a free agent signed by Miami Heat 2010).

This is one of the places where Jacob is located on the bigger walls of the building near Quicken Loans. Go to bed. (A new one has been introduced to show the city's famous landscape.)

Looking to buy No 23 on James's knife in the arena club? Good luck.

(This week, when I asked for one, a businessman laughed before responding: "Uh, that guy plays for Lakers now.")

Just before the start of the season, the beginning of the confidence and confidence Lue was on the bench at the training ground and talked about a clutter – Cleveland and James – ah "Everything LeBron touched has been transformed into gold for everyone," Lue said. "Lying like a man, it's hard, but we have to change the culture, and I think we can."

Lue said he stressed his full potential of being growing up in a small and unprecedented environment.

Can Cavaliers bring the game? "It will take jobs," he said, "but yes."

Then came a horrible fact. In a run of games this season, Cavaliers (1-7) did not bring in the second half of their match. Lue and the former team's team clashed while younger players were to go to court. Atlanta Hawks – is expected to include N.B.A. The worst of this season – he came to the Cleveland town hall, and left 22 points.

Quicken Loen Arena looked like a drama, also after James went to Miami. The free sale was sold online $ 2. Water exchanges. Was Cavaliers doing seasonal tanks, abandoning their best attempts to launch the hosting business and suppressing the intersections of the following arrivals?

The day after 12 points lost to the Pacers, which Cavaliers made less than a third of the three points and allowed Indiana to beat 64.9 percent of the ground, Lue was thrown. "It took me all my breathing – it's crumb," said Drew, who is close to Lue.

When he spoke to Koby Altman, he was asked to temporarily take over the club, Drew, a former NB.A. The former coach at Atlanta and Milwaukee has had a strong answer: "I'm very excited to do this, very strongly."

So he began to play dance. Cavaliers players Lue praised the social media and expressed frustration at the winner of the trophy that lasted for less than two weeks. James made the same for Twitter. Before Lakers played in Minnesota Timberwolves the next night, he told reporters: "The whole situation is far from me."

And outside Cavaliers. The club seems to have been fined by Lue with no plans to replace him.

Drew was heavily criticized for the entire league and his players Cavaliers, but his position still remained clear.

He told me he was thinking of a replacement teacher now. Does he want to get a new contract with the salary manager? What about the long-term plan to be the role? If he is not, he will talk about returning to his former job as his assistant manager, while the club is bringing a new leader.

The Cavaliers did not go to '# 39;

It is important to remember that even during James's two years in Cleveland – the first time he wrote in 2003 to 2010, he joined the Heat; from the second to 2014 until 2018 – the team never away from the problem. James has had a big voice about how the organization will run, who has been stabbed to the room and the trainer.

Lue became the club's coach after David Blatt was sacked in January 2016, when the club came out of the competition with a 30-11 record. Blatt is not with James. Lue and James have been wearing a long time.

But these days was different: James had always been there to ensure that the ship did not fall.

"You can go there, you can count on your happiness," said Ronald Goolsby, a seasonal ticket, wearing Cavaliers a jacket and gold at the station on Tuesday morning at the Cleveland Games in Hawks. "You are able to succeed in the bank, winoff play, N.B.A. Finals, and really solve the problem they have."

Like many fans, Goolsby said he found a way to accept LeBron's loss, to reduce expectations and not expect much of the team.

There was a random request that resigned from the vote, the resignation I heard from all my fans who spoke to Quicken Loans at night. But they also have a hope.

Goolsby looked down at the court and smiling. The Cavaliers have been playing with constant energy, and everything is close to LeBron's confidence.

The Cavaliers team jumped to Atlanta for the opening event. For the first time this season, they took it in the second half. They ended in victory, 136-114.

Cavaliers and Drew players have withdrawn from the court by celebrating their first victory. But long, hard and uncertain still standing.

LeBron James is not for easy treatment.