Changing the home villa, called the Four Leaves, created by KIAS

Karuizawa's peaceful home, Japan, a new KIAS company has completed the fourth building of Leah Villa to give owners and friends and family a natural nature to provide the most natural natural breakthrough.

The Villa may only be located 150km outside the Tokyo streets, but to visit its safe haven they must feel you are entering the new world. Naqshadayaashu especially encountered in various parts of your home and in directions slightly different in different looga make light of the incident all the way around the building, without regard to the room you are sitting .

On the corner of the house, designers have built up living spaces and eating places so that community space becomes bright and as good as possible for family relationships and hosting. This does not necessarily mean, however, the private spaces on the other side of the house are dark or black. In contrast, the bedroom and the west west of the west will get beautiful shades as the leaves increase the privacy of the forest cover.

Instead of building a house for the woods, designated groups prefer to work with what's already in their home into it ground For this reason, the homeowner consists of three different types of smoke depending on the sun's pathways.

In order to provide the nature and nature of the house and the natural mix of surrounding structures, the designers have built up every roof of the complex with a delicate dry look that seems to move on the ground and then towards the sky. Instead of constructing directly the roof of the roof, the designers allow the erosion of the ceiling to show, making the rooms in a wide variety of different locations, after the flow of the roofs of the ceiling.

The inside-door port of the interior is very harmful to the entire home environment. Moderate colors, clean lenses and natural or rocky landscape, and beautifully decorated looks will let the natural atmosphere of the sun and the sun pass through peacefully through the doors and in the living space. This greatly enhanced the fact that the ground floor is covered, such as the back of the wall, and inviting a good interior and exterior to make the whole home a new one.

Pictures of Norihito Yamauchi