Chatterbox House by Trish Becker

A sunny, sunny, sleepy little town on Harbor Island, a beautiful, tropical Bahamas, luxury designer Trish Becker recently completed another color, signature kitschy house renovation and overhaul, pointing to the amazing and complete Chatterbox House !

When New York-based designer Trish Becker first liked the old & # 39; Colonial style & # 39; which will be Chatterbox House, it only needed renovations to the Bahamian-warmer climate years, but also the refurbishment would perfectly reflect the classic look. good features of the home while still turning into a modern home that may provide more comfort for future owners and guests.

Specifically, the house is in the center of a small, beautiful heartland called Dunmore Town. The original design of this new, interesting building was first built in the late 1800s, and although it contains interior and exterior finishes and cuts, it was the most spectacular design that the designer described as attractive. the Bahamian world.

The primary purpose of the home remodeling was to restore its former glory to its structure and quality. Then came more modern measures, which fall into two categories. First, the home's amenities and amenities are updated with modern comfort standards. Next, the home design teams are filled with different colors, shapes, and styles that can please any guest and provide all the classic visuals of the beautiful Caribbean.

While the colors are central to the whole house, the combination of the outdoors can be our favorite match of the shadows. With a beautiful green face, the blue flower catches the eye of everyone who goes home on the street, while a bright, bright turkey offers a wonderful contrast. Both colors delightfully contrast with the natural, coastal atmosphere at home.

On the front door, visitors are greeted by a magnificent and colorful screen that once again compares the two colors of the space we described earlier. This piece is really an original production created in the house in the 1800s but seriously damaged by renovation protection. In hindsight, the designers ’group chose to revive their unique style of new columns but united by bowing to the colonial piece.

The tile item adorns the wall near a magnificent terrace and gives a sense of the home atmosphere immediately, before anyone even walks through the door. This sense of calm but tranquility and tranquility fills all the interior and exterior; chairs and recesses stand upright everywhere, giving people countless places to hang out and enjoy each other's company comfortably.

Combining bright, bold colors with bold style and intricate architecture is a theme that runs throughout the home. This is true for the fun throw pillows and round chairs in the living room, the kitchen decoration system, and all the stairs leading to the theater and guest rooms. The colors and shapes move from room to room, so that there are no two spaces to some extent the same for decoration.

On the top of the main house, two areas in particular are of particular interest to us. The first is saved with a port roof outside looga open, this time with a stadium with their own. Even more, being one last flight of wooden stairs, is a breathtaking nest with breathtaking views of the island, which is especially amazing with sunrise and sunset.

Photos by Annie Schlecter