“Chen chicken brother” Chen Xiaochun broke the family life status, netizen: too envious of the children!

It is said that Hongxing’s “Pheasant” Chen Xiaochun has been in the house for eight years! In the past eight years, in addition to being kind and loving, the two also liked to add new family members. The family of three is also happy and comfortable! No matter what news, as long as they are about the three of them!

Unexpectedly, recently, Chen Xiaochun is on the show In the middle of it, he burst into a “scandal” of his family violence! It turned out that Chen Xiaochun broke the news in the variety show (wife’s romantic travel), he was crying by his wife! This is the case. After the birth of the child, it may not be very good. When I got home, I beat Chen Xiaochun and beat her back. The pain and grievances rushed to my heart. At that time, tears flowed down. Now!

The next day, he ran to find his father-in-law Of course, he is not asking for a return, but a complaint! Let the father-in-law evaluate it! The feeling of grievance between words, Xiaobian can be felt through the screen. It can be seen how much his father-in-law had to be at that time, although he did not say how his father-in-law helped him to deal with it, but the Xiaobian brain made up the scene should be like this. After sending Chen Xiaochun, he called the reporter and said: You beat the meat. Places, such as the buttocks, thighs, etc., are all bones, and the hands are not painful?

In this regard, Chen Xiaochun’s wife is very indifferent, face To Xie Na’s inconceivable questioning, she should say that Chen Xiaochun did not fight, and she shed tears in a dozen games. She was very annoying. She also bluntly said that in the variety show (where Dad went), the children’s crying was the worst, but What is certain is that in the father, his husband Chen Xiaochun cried the most! Having said that, it can be seen that when the children should say these words, their faces are happy!

In fact, look back at Chen Xiaochun’s growth experience, when he was a child Poor, his life experience, let him have a different kind of feelings for the family, not to cry because he feels wronged, more is moved, many netizens have expressed their feelings, and they are envious of the children!