China Internet VS US Internet

Chinese Internet vs US Internet

There is an old saying in China that the new official took up three fires. In Xiaobian’s view, this also applies to the newly appointed “American Trump”, the US IT elite symposium held two days ago. It can be seen on the top.

Chinese Internet VS US Internet

When I saw this seat ranking, Xiao Bian thought that “Chuan Grandpa” was opening a family meeting? There are children, women, and son-in-law. Take a closer look, there are some American IT tycoons, only to know that Grandpa Chuan is a meeting of the eight children! Follow Xiaobian to see which American technology companies in the eyes of Grandpa Chuan have this qualification to sit on this round table!

Microsoft President and CLO Brad Smith

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Google Parent Company ( Alphabet) CEO Larry Page

Google Board Chairman Eric Schmidt

Facebook’s COO Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg)

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Oracle CEO Safra Catz

Tes CEO Elon Musk

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

IBM CEO Ginni Rommety

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins

Palantir CEO Alexa Karp

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

The participating companies did shine on Xiaobian’s eyes, Microsoft, Google, and Apple all listed. Even Facebook, which has been famous for two years, participated, but it’s not so pleasant from the participants’ expressions. what.

I’ve seen the photo of the uncle and the elites in the past, and I’m reminding us that this is a photo taken with the Chinese IT tycoon at the Wuzhen Internet Conference this year. Slightly better, not inferior!

Chinese Internet VS US Internet

Chinese Internet VS US Internet

Chinese Internet VS US Internet

Chinese Internet VS US Internet

Wuzhen Internet Conference Participating Company is as follows:

Ma Xinteng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Corporation Holdings

Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba Group Board of Directors

Li Yanhong, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu Company

Founder of Xiaomi Technology, angel investor Lei Jun

360 founder, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi

Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of Netease Corporation

Liu Chuanzhi, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group

Zhang Chaoyang, Chairman and CEO of Sohu Company

Jiang Dongdong CEO Liu Qiangdong


Internet companies are sprouting everywhere, promoting the ultra-fast development of society, and affecting our way of life. Whether it is a Chinese Internet company or an American Internet company, the ultimate responsibility is to lead the people to a convenient, comfortable and healthy lifestyle. I hope that everyone can live in a healthy, harmonious, less splintering, and more friendly Internet environment.