Circle Home Boasts & # 39; 360 in The View of Early Dog Watch

Have you ever looked at your pets and found that you loved them so much that you didn't do anything to make sure they were safe and happy? Well, that's exactly what some Dutch homeowners thought when they asked the designers of their new homes to work with a house that would allow dogs to play in each yard. They meant it, too; the completed home is completely circular, giving owners a 360-degree view to enjoy and enjoy their dog's place while the animals happily play outside and have plenty of exercise.

The house, called 360 Villa, was designed and revived by Dutch designers 123DV. For their purposes, the home gave designers the opportunity to explore how the structure can be a neutral and fully integrated place for people and animals and their lives, needs, and habits, rather than their surroundings. The dogs in question are amazing couples of good Alaskan culture; a great and affectionate animal that clearly loves their owners, a Dutch couple.

The custom-built home is, on the outside, wrapped in bright colors that act as permanent window glasses. This, in conjunction with the system, is what allows people to come out into the plain, all the way home and everywhere inside. In this way, when the dogs go out but the owners have to turn to the # 39 inside dogs, everyone can get what they want and the owners can still keep an eye on the trust of their angry friends while working at home or cleaning.

Taken together, the villa is approximately 85 square meters; this size was determined to give enough space for the couple and their two big dogs, taking into account everyone working inside as well as the outside choices and style. Even dogs are provided with enough space to play and move freely and comfortably while indoors, which is beneficial for them as they are high energy.

The outside of the house is surrounded by gentle grass that gives the dogs all the space but also enables the home to find a high place in the wild. This provides a useful and uninterrupted view of dogs inside the home when they play. The surrounding light is shielded from the view of rain and sunlight as the roof extends to the wall, working as an eagle without shutting down the beautiful natural light that allowed the windows to enter the house.

Of course, every home made from stained glass and windowed windows needs to find other creative ways to protect privacy. This is another way that the yard is served by a concrete purpose. The top of the stairs actually meets the upstairs window facing the street rather than the private room. This enables the home to get a great view without telling all its walls on the sidewalks and pedestrians.

Inside, the house is wide open in concept to make it feel more spacious and full of good flow although a little more comfortable (in some respects) than a double view. The centerpiece of the community in particular is an open plan, allowing the kitchen, dining room, living room, and sliding doors that lead to an open window to feel like a great place full of tar. This place actually takes two-thirds of the house.

The privacy of the home is unique because it can also be opened in the main living areas. more effective drainage, or shut down for further filtration thanks to a generous amount of door panels dividing the bedroom and bathroom. When it all opened wide, a large, circular path above the living room flooded the entire house with happy, natural light.