Cleaner Life: Plant-friendly is world-friendly – Harvard Health Blog

Climate change is on longer news, and predictions from all the global climate conditions globally. Almost every day, we are surrounded by extreme weather conditions, outbreaks, and loss of some types. It is almost biblical. Most of my emotions, with me, are sad images of hunger, natural sunshine of natural nature.

Many of the things we can do looga prevent climate change are streamlined and difficult, because it may be practical: To save energy, reduce, to choose its own to work on this problem, and renewal, basic. However, many people may not know that a few simple changes in daily cuntadeena they can provide significant impact greenhouse gases.

How food production affects the environment?

About 30% of global wind energy comes from food production. About half of them are only part of the livestock sector. And not just gaseous greenhouses of the problem. Food production accounts for nearly 40% of the world's surface, uses about 70% clean water (which is increasingly short in many parts of the world, leading to balance), creates many varieties to become extinct, which is responsible Greater spaces In the area of ​​sloping (cutting forest, to grow & breeding) and farmland (the way fertile land becomes desert, usually due to poor cultivars).

Make changes to the right foods in the area

The good news is that simply changing your diet looga, using what is called a "plan-cleaning", it is possible to combine solving climate change. It is a matter of knowing what foods are the worst in the climate environment, and then withdraw from these foods or by changing them into a friendly atmosphere.

According to the Natural Resource Institute, the most severe and prolonged food absorption is meat & # 39; For all three signs – greenhouse gas, water use, and land use – cattle & cats are all environmental factors. Just after pork meat & milk is milk, followed by poultry, pork, eggs, and fish.

The United Nations Commission on Climate Change (IPCC) recommends that people reduce the use of animals by 30% as the emergency response to their recommendations to combat climate change.

Until one year ago, we produced red meat for this reason, which is not less than the success. Early steps are hard to break, and the change comes slowly and needs patience.

Healthy for you and yours

Luckily, the healthy foods in the weather are full of healthy foods. Removing protein-based pork, even once a week, can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Therefore, next time you will begin to bring it to the bouquet, or think about how to apply for bread slippers, you consider the choice of veggie election. You will do your part to improve the good care of the world and yourself.