Common Places in the Home Areas are Warmth and Luminosity

The 243 square meter project, built in a single dome, was recently constructed for the northern part of Cordoba, Argentina, Fanesi Navarro Arquitectos and its staff Agustina Fanesi and Mariangel Navarro.

Look at the house of the tall trees around it

It consists of two definitions and the same one in one point. Responding to the idea of ​​the project, measuring, each with a different level of use for the use of different types of home, leaving their visible buildings, supported by one another. In the same way, the structure is part of the home construction.

The details on the sidewalk

The height of the car is smaller than the private and the garage, while the other unit is located in the public housing area. In a high volume, two lightweight layers are connected to each other, which works as a barrier door and door curb section. They attempted to produce simple lightweight and easy-to-use projects, just as accurately as they were, and followed closely by the overseas figures.

Outdoor wall with black details
Great bike

The apartment building looked to create bright, warm and pleasant surfaces. The tube and maize are not just to fill the homework that is covered by the open, but also protects the sun.

In large and full interior lighting