Consumption upgrades, leading food and beverage stocks are coming out!

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The dairy industry collectively strengthened. Erie’s intraday highs

This year, 9 dairy stocks fell, and only Yili shares rose 35.73%. Yesterday, the collective rise of dairy stocks can reverse the pattern?

Cody’s dairy industry daily limit, Yantang dairy industry rose 8%, Yili shares rose 7.29%, Bright Dairy rose 5.14%. Yili shares hit a record high, and the stock price soared to 23.5 yuan.

On August 3, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the first batch of approved milk powder enterprise-level product formula list, and the formula of 89 infant formula milk powder products of 22 enterprises was approved. These formulas include A-share listed company Beinmei has 4 series and 12 formulas, and Erie has 2 series and 6 formulas. The remaining unregistered brands cannot continue production from January 1, 2018, and channel products can be sold until the end of the shelf life.

The market believes that the registration of the formula will help accelerate the integration of the industry. Anxin International predicts that the entire industry will move out 10 billion to 15 billion market share, and approved companies are expected to take the opportunity to increase market share.

It is worth noting that the dairy stocks have fallen from Yili shares this year, and the other eight dairy stocks have all fallen. Among them, McGell, Huangshi Group fell more than 35%, and Yantang Dairy fell 24.52%. Yili shares benefited from Baima’s investment style, which rose 35.73% this year.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks are coming out!

In the context of the comprehensive second-child policy and the upgrading of consumption in third- and fourth-tier cities, analysts are optimistic about the dairy market. China Merchants Securities expects the dairy industry’s future growth center to be 5% to 8%. It is expected that the market size will reach 400 billion yuan in 2021.

About the first half of the year, only Yantang Dairy disclosed the semi-annual report. In the first half of the year, Yantang Dairy’s operating income increased by 15.38% year-on-year, and net profit increased by 23.81% year-on-year. In addition, Cordy Dairy expects net profit for the first half of the year to increase by 40% to 60%. Three yuan shares, Maiqu, Beinmei are expected to decline in net profit in the first half of the year.

Erie shares rose for 3 days, with a cumulative increase of 11.59%, and a net inflow of 407 million yuan. As of the close of August 9, a total of 382 stocks in the two cities have risen for more than three trading days, and 60 stocks have risen continuously for more than five trading days. The top three companies with the highest number of consecutive days are Pass shares (17 Tian), Angang Steel (9 days), Boteng shares (7 days). The top three cumulative gains during the consecutive rise in stocks were Angang Steel (34.05%), Zhongfu Industrial (30.31%) and Shenhuo (27.86%).

It is worth noting that among the 382 consecutive stocks, the cumulative net inflow of the main funds during the 28 stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. Among them, the most accumulated capital inflow is Longhua Energy Saving, and the accumulated capital of the main funds has reached 550 million yuan.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

The Dragons and Tigers tracking funds are the most favored of these stocks

On August 9th, the net of seats in the institutions and sales offices Buy 277 million yuan, of which 12 net stocks were bought; 7 net stocks were sold. The top three net stocks were Shanxi, Liugang, Yingluohua, etc. The net purchase amount accounted for 10.63%, 15.24% and 9.25% of the turnover on the day.

The steel stocks are still strong. Liugang, Linggang and Anyang Steel have been trading daily. Liugang Co., Ltd. The net inflow of main funds was 39.68 million yuan. In the same day, the company’s special seats occupied two seats, with a total purchase of 29.8282 million yuan. Anyang Iron and Steel The main capital inflow of funds is 85.25 million yuan, and a special seat for the institution appears in the Dragon and Tiger list seats, buying 160.34 million yuan.

From the perspective of the flow of funds in the market, the net inflow of the main funds exceeded 10 million, and there were 11 net stocks in the Dragon and Tiger List, among which Zinc Industry, Yingluohua, Shantui Shares The net amount of net inflows of individual stocks is the largest. The stocks with the strongest net inflows were Jiangfen Magnetic Materials, Cody Dairy, Shengyang Shares, and the net inflows were 58.82%, 40.20%, and 38.64%, respectively.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

34 stocks stagfed

As of the close of August 9, a total of 34 A-shares in the two cities have stagnate. Among them, Zhongfei, Dongfang Electric, and Shenzhen Textile A had the largest ratios on the 5th, which were 3.09, 2.49 and 2.35 respectively.

It is worth noting that among the 34 stagflation stocks, Changyuan Group, Mengwang Rongxin, Jinka Intelligent and other stocks have the largest net inflow of funds.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

Zinc price rises two golds over 300 million yuan

Zinc prices have risen sharply, Zhuye Group> closed up 10.05%, Zinc Industry shares closed up 10.02%, Chihong Zinc closed up 6.92%. Among them, Chihong Zinc’s main capital net inflow of 329 million yuan, Zhuye Group’s main capital net inflow of 46.12 million yuan.

On August 8, domestic zinc spot prices rose sharply by 550 yuan /ton to 23,940 yuan /ton. In the first half of the year, the smelting enterprises were intensively overhauled, and the zinc ingots were destocked. The global new inventory fell from 346,000 tons in July to 344,000 tons. Guojin Securities is optimistic about the late volatility of zinc prices and attaches importance to the opportunities of late zinc.

As of the close of August 9, 36 A-shares were significantly gapped (higher than 1% higher, excluding one-word daily limit stocks) and opened higher, including Zhuye Group and Jiantou Energy, flat coal shares and other stocks rose the most, reaching 10.05%, 10.04%, 10.01%.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

Nuggets oversold low valuation stocks

The latest data shows that 130 stocks in the two cities have fallen more than three consecutive transactions On the day, 21 stocks fell for more than five trading days, and the top three consecutive falling days were intermediate equipment (8 days), SDIC (8 days), and Connie Electromechanical (7 days). /strong>. The top three cumulative declines during the consecutive declines were Shubed (27.09%), Hangzhou Gaoxin (24.64%), and Intermediary Equipment (12.88%).

It is worth noting that 31 of the 31 consecutive declines and cumulative declines of more than 5% of the stocks, 6 stocks according to institutional forecasts (more than 5 institutions forecast) this year’s annual net profit measured P/E ratio is less than 20 times and net profit Positive growth, Huaxia Bank has the lowest price-earnings ratio of 5.81 times.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

113 stocks stabilized short-term moving average cash fork

As of August 9th, there were 113 A shares on the 5th The moving averages took the 10 day moving average, and the 5-day moving averages of Jingeng Real Estate, Yanyan New Materials, Dagang Shares and other stocks were the largest from the 10-day moving average, reaching 1.44%, 1.41% and 1.22% respectively. .

It is worth noting that Instar, Jiangxi Copper, Hengrui Medicine and other stocks have the highest net capital inflows, reaching 272 million yuan, 151 million yuan, 1.27 respectively. 100 million yuan.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks are coming out!

Performance surge + increase in shareholdings

In the past ten trading days, 33 listed companies were overweight and increased their holdings. The total number of shares was 391 million shares, and the market value increased by 4.666 billion yuan (the change in shareholdings is subject to the change deadline in the announcement). Among them, Sihuan Bio- was the largest number of shares, reaching 51.476 million shares, accounting for 5.00% of circulating A shares; Shunwang Technology was the largest market capitalization. Up to 625 million yuan; and the company with a higher proportion of shares in circulation A shares is Kelander, with an increase of 7.90%.

In combination with the interim results (performance forecast), the net profit of companies such as “Square, Bio-American Health, and Dilong Culture” increased significantly year-on-year, with an increase of 608.50% and 224.49 respectively. %, 88.49%. These high-quality and over-invested stocks, or stock prices have been undervalued, or have great potential in the future, which deserves attention.

Consumer upgrade, food and beverage leading stocks come out!

Note: All forms of this information have been excluded from the listing of new shares in the past year.

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