Credit Suisse to increase Indian staff workers with a new Pune facility

International Financial Service Provider Credit Suisse wants to change Indian jobs at the service centers for promoting technology management by opening their Pune headquarters. Credit Suisse has announced the expansion of a new tecnological building that operates on the premises of the EON Free Zone in the Khartoum Economic Community of Khadei, Pune this week, as part of its strategy to build India as a new technology center .

"We give more accountability to the groups here in order to increase the number of IT services and solutions to the World Bank will be based in India, and we will work with HH & # 39; higher education such as COEP in Pune and BITS Pilani among others to improve the future IT technology for specific skills, "said Burns. running on these activities, said the administration.

Credit Suisse have about 14,000 employees in India, which includes domestic workers and suppliers, facilities, primarily in Pune and Mumbai, most offer a range of services company focusing on technology and the World Bank. Total employees, approximately 5,000, are home-based staff, nearly three-quarters of the IT sector.

"Our EON II investment reflects our continuous efforts in India and the vision we have in the country – especially Pune and Maharashtra – a technology center that supports our ability to serve the needs of our company and individuals our customers across all our businesses," said Mihir Doshi, chief executive, Credit Suisse India.

The EON Office, called EON II, will work with EON I. From EON II, teams will lead the development and production of modern technology and methods new Agile, Computing Cloud Computing, Learning Machine and Robotics, to support Global Suisse operations.

"When we first introduced Pune back in 2007, many other companies considered a service center, but it is important for banking technology, we recognize there are many things that may be done in India through the promise large technology technology, "said John Burns, IT Chief of India and Senior Finance Officer, Credit Suisse Pune.

Earlier, during the killings at the Indian Center, the decision was taken by international offices, so Credit Suisse made a strategy to divert attention from the Indian technology foundation and this is the first step towards the goal, the governing body said.

The IT strategy is losing the widespread scope of technology professionals available in their area, focusing on enhancing local leadership capacities in collaboration with the international role of India with accountability and ownership to complete delivery services IT and banking services across the world. Nearly 10% of the global IT programs in Credit Suisse are currently in India.

This is the second largest employer for Global Credit Suisse. EON II is approximately 450,000 square feet that facilitates collaboration between groups and workplaces. The design of the center encourages the concept of "seasons" to reflect the changing and growth of a dynamic atmosphere. EON II received certificates from the Energy and Local Development Authority (LEED), an international high-quality system that recognizes the highest standards of green buildings.