Cryptocurrency million people want to build Utopia in Nevada

Many sites on the Nevada desert – larger than the nearby Reno – were a low-profile topic since a company with no history, Blockchains L.L.C., purchased $ 170 million this year.

The man, a lawyer, lawyer and billionaire Jeffrey Berns, put on a hat and climbed onto the Polaris road last week to give them an overnight trip to hide their secret.

He thinks a type of community experimental spread around about 100 miles around, where buildings, schools, businesses and studios will be built. This project will be a restriction, a new type of information that has been presented in Bitcoin.

After the driver stopped Polaris in a narrow space, around the grassy pastures and wild horses of wild horses, Mr. Berns, 56, described his dream dreams.

"You see the first hill mountains," he said, referring to the south. "The mountains are the southern borders of the South." That's where we're building the high tech industry, "said a research center that will cover hundreds of acres. There are also plans for college and gyms.

It's incredible – even fantastical – as they all can announce, Mr. Berns is suitable for the real world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The ban has begun to be a digital leader that has been quoted by Bitcoin customers. Some episodes are planning. They think it can be a new way of recovering power from an idea of ​​how to call all vaccines.

As Bitcoin has made it possible to transfer money without using a bank, borrowers such as Mr. Berns believes that technology can be reasonable for ordinary people to control their data – digitalization of digital economics – not dependent on large corporations or governments.

However, it is different from the older parent of the church: He is spending his expenses. So far, he said, he spent $ 300 million on land, offices, planning and 70 staff. And the buying of 67,000 global development and have a bit of a dose, the risk of real estate.

However, Mr. Berns said his ambition is not a real advertising destination or even getting rich – or even better. He pledges to pay all the power of the project and the 90 per cent of productive output to a structural framework that will bring residents, employees and investors in the future. In this structure, he called it as a "part of the co-operative partnership," it is thought to work in a restraining position where the ownership and voting power of each person will be written in the electronic wallet.

Mr. Berns acknowledged that all of these issues are beyond the limitations of the ban. But that does not end.

"I do not know why," he said at a Polaris engine storm. "Only me – the interior is telling me this is the answer, if we can get enough people to trust the blockade, we can begin to change all the systems we serve."

Mr. Berns succeeded in succeeding local officials who want to improve the economy. Nevada Chairman, Brian Sandoval, has read a copy called Blockchains's assets "Innovation Park" last month, where Mr. Berns appoints Chairman and Elon Musk, executive director of Tesla.

Blockchains has already received preliminary support for the new city of Truckee River, with thousands of houses, schools and airports, and has worked closely with the large county wide plan.

But now, Blockchains is an empty space and a newly renovated office building. Mr. Berns said the company would not begin building large assets until the end of 2019, primarily after sharing a career plan approved by the district.

Joanna Rodriguez, head of Bernhos offices in Los Angeles, has taken four children and her husband Nevada.

"He has realistic ideas – but I know he's always gonna show something in his mind," Ms. Rodriguez, 29, who was working with Mr. Berns is eight years old and now Blockchains manager at Nevada. "That's why I've decided to move."

Mr. Berns has spent most of his life in vain claims, many of the financial companies. He studied at Bitcoin in 2012, but won the other Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, which makes it possible to save more than a transaction on a business blockade.

Mr. Berns bought Ether, a digital sign of Ethereum, a major sales deal in 2015. Thanks to the increase in the price of Ether and some of the well-purchased sales last year before it collapsed, it became rich Expect to invest in his dream dream.

Ethereum is the belief that its society is more than just a real estate project. To understand why you need to think a bit more. And faith. Every resident and employee will have Ethereum address, which they will use to vote for local actions and save their personal data.

Mr Berns believes Ethereum will provide people with a way to control their identity and data without the government or company.

This is a broad impression shared within the community, but there are important questions about whether one can work on the real world. Most companies have failed to address, and Ethereum and Bitcoin networks have struggled to control the average traffic volume.

Mr. Berns believes that one of the major problems was security. People have been afraid of having special keys that are necessary for getting pockets of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

He wants to address the process of systematically built-up digital keys that are stored in digital storage, in the rooms, so that they do not have access to keys. He has already bought pets on the mountains of Sweden and Switzerland, and plans to build additional buildings on the Nevada mountains.

Other factors that delay the Ethereum, Mr. Berns believes that he was the real world in the world. Nevada's land, he hopes, will change.

"This will be the biggest, or the worst incident of human history burns," he said. Berns. "I do not know which one, I believe it is the first, but anyway it will be one of the frustrations."