Cubic, better known as Black Villa, was created by ARCHSLON to fit the surrounding forests.

In the wild forests outside of Moscow, Russia, the creative designers of ARCHSLON recently created a modern and unusual but natural-looking landscape called the Black Villa.

As its name implies, the villa is designed with a black face that completely exits the house but also blends in with the trees with a special lighting, which prevents it from really disturbing the landscape. In fact, Russia’s unique look is actually what provided the direct inspiration for designers in the original concept of the house.

The house was designed for the purpose of accurately penetrating its natural surroundings. During the construction, they also wanted to make sure it had the least impact on the environment during the conference. The vegetation surrounding the building was preserved throughout the building, by contrast with the modern style of the house, which seems to be deeply ingrained in the forest.

In terms of structure and decoration, the building is intentionally smaller. It is made up of two blocks, which function as separate but larger blocks that are grouped according to what the rooms are used for. Half the house is fitted with a beautiful floor and ceiling that provides a roof without interrupting the flow or making part of the home feel like it is closed.

While the color scheme is dark on the face of the house, it is really bright and cheerful on the inside. This is thanks to a system of windows, lights, and double columns that allow light to pass through the home in a windy and sunny environment. The windows are large and strategically maintained so they provide almost every room in the house with a close-up view of the forest outside the site.

In style, decoration, and styling, the whole house is specially designed to look simple, clean, and summery. The main living area has been designed with facial features, such as a kind of art gallery featuring indoor bedding and natural products. At the far end, the master bedroom has a large self-contained study, both of which flood in the afternoon sunlight (without being warm thanks to the double glazed mirror). For the kitchen and comfort, the living room reception is sitting opposite.

The outdoors complementing the luxury home of the home are amazing and fun to spend time with. In between volumes, for example, there is a magnificent terrace in the natural green space that has been preserved during the construction activities and has since been fine. On one side of the courtyard, a glass wall leads to the bedroom, as though green really is a part of the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom, adding to the experience.

Photos provided by the designer.