Death may live 50 years in Facebook: Who will have their information?

Dead people may have been living on Facebook for fifty years, which will have a major impact on how we treat the future of the future, Oxford scientists say.

The analysis predicts, based on the level of 2018 level, at least 1.4 billion members will die before 2100. This image, death can be higher in 2070.

The world's biggest social goal will continue to expand the current levels, however, the number of casualties can reach up to 4.9 billion before the end of the century.

"These statistics lead to a newer challenge for all who have the right to information, how to manage the best interests of deadly family and friends and the use of future historians to understand what has happened," Carl Ohman, a doctor at the University of Oxford in the UK.

"VALUES, I started just to ask questions & # 39; questions and we have a long and not able to follow. Management can now digital has ultimately will affect everyone who uses social media, and all of our day leave and go our data, "said Ohman.

"But the total number of casualties can also be larger than the total of its parts, and, or at least, a part of the global digital system," he said.

"Before the history there is a great deal of human culture and culture that has been created in one place." Controlling this will be, to control our history, "said David Watson, from Oxford.

"It is therefore important that we ensure that access to historical information on history is not limited to a single company, and it is also important to ensure that future generations can use digital resources to understand their history," he said. said Watson.

"Facebook should invite historians, collectors, archeologists and readers to take part in the process of collecting a large quantity of data collected when we leave it," Watson said.

"This is not just for sustainable solutions for the coming years, but it may have attracted ten years ago," he said.