Debt Debt Loan My Family – Now What?

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It's horribly wrong when creditors begin to call you, but if they start to become a member of your family, too? Do the agencies that can collect this rule do this?

The answer is very difficult.

The types of caller creditors can make by the Federal Income Laws Act. This law protects customers from debt. She said, for example, creditors can not threaten a prison time or call you early in the morning or at night. The law also says that the collected people can not call you several times a day. The law also controls communication with people who are debt-dealing with family members. (See also: 5 Bonds Do Not Know & # 39; Not Knowing)

Calling for family members

The debt collector is hired to get the money you own from their customers. To do this, they will send you a mail or phone to convince you to collect the money. But if debt collectors can not afford it? Then they can contact your family members. In fact, they can contact everyone who knows, including friends or staff.

However, they can refer to these third parties, and how often they can be contacted, is very limited. The Fair Debt Law Act requires that debt collectors can only contact family members, friends, or co-workers to access your site. If they have already been contacted, they are not allowed to reach other people. They can only be contacted by family members or friends at once.

They can say

Dancers are also limited to what they can tell your family members. They must identify themselves and say that they confirm your contact information or search for the correct contact information. If you ask family members, are required to identify who looga works, but only if they are clearly in question & # 39; choice.

Debt collectors are not allowed to tell family members that you owe debt. The inspectors can not even threaten family members or call more than once if the debt collector believes that the family member's response is wrong or incomplete, and now has accurate and complete information.

The Consumer Financial Office says that the debt collectors can not talk to you about any debt except for you, your spouse, or your attorney – if the attorney represents your debt. If you are young, the debtors can talk to your parents about your debt. They can also talk about your debt & # 39; your employer, manager, or manager, if you have them.

What happens if debt collectors do not follow the rules?

If the debt collectors violate the Fair Debt Practice Act when contacting family members, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission's case. You can submit a complaint to the Internet using the Commissioner's Advocate.

You can also contact the Consumer Financial Office. You can forward a complaint to the internet & here, too.

In addition, you have the option of filing a lawsuit against a government court or a small juvenile court. Looga warning, though. You may write a lawyer to win it, this can be a difficult and reasonable time. (See also: Here's Satisfaction Map – Even when you're out)

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Debt Debt Loan My Family - Now What?