DGCA gives IndiGo an additional 4 months to replace the unorganized A320Neo engines.

The Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given IndiGo time until May 31 to replace the unmanned Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engines on their Airbus A320Neo. It has also agreed to bring the aircraft to new aircraft for expansion.

In November, the Legislature set the end of January to be the deadline for replacing the unstable engine following repeated incidents of shutdown of the engine and the aircraft returning to the airport.

The deadline was set and the blockade used for new planes for new routes or more turns was simplified.

The aviation company has died out of its vision of expanding its capacity for the quarter as well as the year after the initial order.

IndiGo operates more than 257 aircraft, including 106 Airbus A320 / 321Neos.

Although the last flight of the plane changed motors, the large aircraft operators need to change as looga failure would labor under pressure.

Previously, the number of engines that needed replacement was estimated at 120 but now that has risen to 135, following further tests and investigations to determine the cause of the failure.

The assignment to place at least one modified airplane for all flights was completed by IndiGo ahead of the deadline of March 31, provided by Hay & # 39; s European Aviation Safety Agency. In addition, about 70 percent of the total IndoGo engines are likely to be modified by January 31, ”the DGCA said in its update on Monday.

She added that the purchase of modified machines impacted the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In their action plan, Airbus and P&W report that replacement of all 135 engines will be completed by June.

The DGCA, however, asked them to complete the task by the end of May. Any aircraft with an unmanned aircraft on an IndiGo flight will not be allowed to fly later that day, she said.

"Short-cuts have been made such that bringing the MTF's central airbag monitoring along with existing inspections and boarding procedures, will help control the wing machine," the DGCA said.

P&W has identified a breakdown of the MTF piston seal as the cause of the engine's 50 per cent failure.

The DGCA's order is likely to affect future capacity, IndiGo said last month. It expects a year-over-year capacity increase of 15-20 percent in Q4FY20 and 22-23 percent in FY20.

Early forecast was 22 percent in the third quarter of FY20 and 25 percent in FY20. However, that will not hurt the airline's profits for the airline, she said, while maintaining its & # 39; s forecast.