Dianne Feinstein, Wonderful? Is not Liberal Enough? She says it's different

WHITEWATER, Calif. – There was a five-mile route of the board of the flow away from areas of the beach in Palm Springs, so looga to efforts to protect the deserts and mountains of products linked to California.

After a few days, it happened in Salinas to visit the farming farm with members of the powerful staff of agricultural workers. On Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein, California's Democrat, has already come out of the C-130 fires outside of Sacramento, as it comes from reports from government officials about the upcoming fire.

Time when other members of the National Guard for Democracy move to retirement, Ms. Feinstein, aged 85, is marching again, closing up his latest campaign with a state-of-the-art tourist with all the professional skills.

Throughout this campaign, this campaign is a tough competition for the first time since joining the San Francisco Inspection Board 49 years ago. She lost the title of Chancellor of the Year in 1990 to Pete Wilson, Jamhuri, the Senator at that time. (She continued to take her seat in a special election in 1992.)

The visit to Salinas, 50 miles south of San Jose, was one of the three meetings that it had last week. Although it continued to stop the entire region, its spirits were very busy as usual for the election day.

Mr. León, who interviewed, has called "no relation to California's value and how the current policy is in Washington, but Ms. Feinstein refused to address any of his criticisms.

"You will not go to any of this," she said. "I am very much against it that I have no feeling."

And according to how much money the Feinstein campaign needs to spend, it has treated hundreds of fans in the three-storey lunch at Lulu California Bistro in Palm Springs. Typically, these kinds of lunches are funded, which require participants to contribute.

Mr. León has struggled since June 5th, which won 11 percent of the votes – enough to qualify for the November tournament against Ms. Feinstein, who received 44 percent.

Ms. Feinstein described Washington as "no more than his time in his career," and admitted that Democrats did not win the Senate's re-election. But she asked why she was walking and that there was something left in the new camp, Ms. Feinstein relies on the table, saying he is interested in serving another as Senator

"Oh yes!" Say it. "I have the other billing weapon and I have a law about the prohibition of separation of children."

"The opponent always uses the big boys," she said. "But it has a great deal of interest for the Senate."

Mr de Leon, 51, said he did not think Mrs. Feinstein was too busy to serve, but he argued that he had gone out of action and had joined the party.

"She believes that she has a lot to contribute: I respect," he said. "But we reject the values ​​and the war on terrorists during the critical time of our nation's history." The 25-year-old man does not work for a particular president who is trying to defeat all of ours and our democracies.

Ginny Foat, a Democrat and Permanent Member of the Palm Springs Council, said she does not agree with Ms Feinstein's debate in her government.

"It was a constant supporter – like the position of the gun," she said, referring to the author Ms. Feinstein's ban on firing weapons, now it's happened. "If we have the biggest opportunity to bring the Guurti, we will have a strong voice.

Barbara Boxer, a 77-year-old, former Democratic senator and former Senate Senator, who resigned in 2016, said she did not see any reason. Feinstein must join a pension.

"Why is it?" Ms. Boxer said. "It depends on the person and if this is what they want their lives, not at age or # 39; or sex or sexuality."

"The president thinks they are bringing people together and not separated," she said after being arrested by a grenade attacker. Trump was critically ill, but before the Pittsburgh synagogue death. "All these rallies are closed." She adds, "Why is that? Why this?" Creating hatred. "

At the same time, Ms. Feinstein has shown signs of tiredness. She returns to the campaign after she was hit by a drum in Washington She served as the Supreme Economic Court of the Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings. At the hearing, the Jamhuriists attacked it with a letter from Christine Blasey Ford, a psychologist, claiming that Mr Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when she was young.

Mr. Trump is Ms. Feinstein pictured how he acted after the activity. "I do not want to think about myself," Mr Trump said. "We have to consider the source, this is the president of the United States, why he calls people's names – the voice he needs?"

"I think it's a good physical condition," said Feinstein, a volunteer at the time when she spoke about the attacks. She was lying when asked if she felt it was sharp as they did 20 years ago.

"Yes, I do," she said. "I feel good, really well equipped, I know a lot, I work very hard, I think I can not go out at night in the week I did when I was 21 or 22 years old.

Eileen Stern, a 69-year-old economist at Palm Springs, says she thinks Ms. Feinstein needed Washington, especially now, to his experience.

"She has done a good job," she said. "I think that there is a situation that needs to be done, our national friends, we would like to see the young people, but this is not a one year to do."