Do you need the flu vaccine? Now get it

I often hear people rejecting the vaccine because they first had a mild symptoms after the injection, or had been exposed to the flu though.

Facts: 1) The vaccine is not and can not be caused by flu. However, they had before they were immunized or before they were vaccinated, or their fever and their illnesses were the side effects of the vaccine, not the flu itself. 2) As is already prepared, the vaccine is far away. In some years, it was a small percentage of 20 percent effective in preventing influenza, although it may still be difficult to reduce the severity and the probability of problems.

The main problem with the influenza vaccine is the need to go for months before the flu season, which is a variety of viruses. The flu virus is a target target, very high in trends; even the way the vaccine is made – is often associated with the extension of the different types of egg virus – can lead to a change.

If the different types of vaccine in the vaccine are different from the end of the season, the survival seems to be too low, which occurred in the spring of 2004-05 and the 2014-15 season, when the performance the vaccine was only 10 per cent and 19 per cent, respectively. The seasonal vaccination was about 36 per cent effective.

There is also a difference between the protection provided by the same vaccination for people in different age groups. For example, the vaccine used in the 2012-13 flu season was a total of 49 percent, but only 11 percent of 65 year-olds and older. A high-risk vaccine is now available for men and women of age.

Currently, there is a mixed effort to create a new influenza vaccine that protects against any type of vaccine that does not require an annual vaccination, for which purpose, Dr. Osterholm said, "It is a vaccine that can handle the new changes the virus needs to be given every five or ten years. "

Basic research needed for such a vaccine could cost about $ 1 billion a year in the next five to seven years, he estimated. However, Congress has allocated $ 100 million for the coming year.